The Strategy to become Good at Magic Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – Puking it out is healthier



The boy from the same table expressed his huge delight from seeing the broom dropping from the sky by showing shock, and he also expressed blank confusion when Sue let him off so easily.

[It looks like she doesn’t mind it at all?!]

The duel was over before long. In truth, the duel’s outcome should have been done long ago, but Ash was nicer than other people thought him to be. There were moments he could have clawed his way to victory, but he allowed it to pass, as he most likely wanted Tegwyn to enjoy fighting in the dueling arena.

But in Tegwyn’s eyes, this niceness was not very nice, and he had the suspicion of Ash toying with him like a cat toying with a mouse, this duel was fought with a depressing emotion and he felt full of unfairness. The second prince deeply felt that he had been molested……



“The leader of the Wolf Clan has great skills indeed.” A loss was a loss, his attitude still must be maintained, Tegwyn smiled really painfully while he praised him.

Sue sighed, walked over and patted his shoulders: “That’s enough, cut the crap, you’re about to be crippled and yet you’re so long-winded, quickly get someone to carry you away and get treated!”

This person was living a tired life. He was lying on the stretcher and he still had to force himself to be polite. But come to think of it, if it was not for the fact that he wanted to show off so much, she would not have succeeded in bluffing…… Hmm, so subjectively speaking, she actually admired his weakness.

Tegwyn gasped, and his smile twisted a little more: “…… Thank you for your concern, but I think I would be more grateful if you put less strength in your hand.”

“Sorry, I forgot you’re in a weak-like-a-girl-state.” Sue recognized her mistake and changed it, hurriedly withdrawing her hand and apologizing earnestly.

“…… It’s fine.”

The shining second prince who was injured was finally carried away. The students looked at each other; they originally wanted to see the brave prince challenging the evil wolf boy, but their hero was smacked till he went down on the ground, while the wolf boy did not seem like he was evil as they thought. What did they come here for?! This trip felt a little like it was a waste of time…..

“Haha, even though the fight wasn’t that great, this person is quite good at being beaten up, as expected from the royal prince.” Ash wagged his tail happily while his ears quivered. The exercise made him feel extra refreshed, and his mood took on a positive note by quite a bit.

“…..” The people around him became silent, and Tegwyn who heard this evaluation nearly triggered his internal injuries and puked out blood……. Potato and tomato! Was this praise?!

Sue hurriedly smoothed things out: “Forget it, forget it, you’re just learning from each other, it’s not important as to who won or lost……” She raised her voice and shouted towards the healing room: “Ahh that-name-that-I-can’t-remember’, we’re not saying you’re useless. Don’t feel upset!”

“……” Well, this blood needed to be spat out, or he would feel really painful holding it in…… A dribble of fresh red liquid spilled out from the corner of Tegwyn’s lips.

Sue brought Ash back happily to celebrate. He was an old acquaintance, how long had it been? Probably close to a year, right!



It was obvious that her dorm was not a place that could be used. There were three little girls who were nosy and noisy, if she let them get any sort of interesting news, she would become infamous in the school again the next day.

The place where Ash was staying was not okay as well, and she got to know why after exchanging a few words. Because he brought his pets with him and it was a unique situation, he did not stay in a dorm like the other students and instead lodged freely with the teacher who was also from the Wolf Beastmen clan.

The only choice was Fedrus. Even though he did not have excellent results, he was still a prince and stayed in a single suite. Borrowing his territory was not a problem. The place where Sue had planned to have a ship restaurant in the lake was not a bad choice, but it was completely empty right now……

Sue had a spare key to Fedrus’s dorm room, so she barged into it without any difficulty. The room’s owner was not in right now, presumably because he was still having lessons.

“Sit freely, what do you want to eat?” Sue acted like she was the owner and did not hold back in someone else’s home, and she rolled up her sleeves and intended to cook.

“Anything is fine, as long as it’s meat!” Ash did not hold back as well.

Sue accepted the wolf boy’s suggestion readily. After suitably considering Fedrus’s preferences when he came back, as well as her own preferences, she whipped up a meal that seemed like it was enough after working in the kitchen for quite some time. Before she could take down her apron to wash up the pans and pots, the little prince came back in time to enjoy the hot food. He even had time to get to know Ash……

“Huh, are you that Wolf Beastman who became very famous recently?!” The little prince expressed great interest to approach a legendary figure: “I heard your wolves caused quite a commotion in the academy, and even got my second brother’s duel letter because of it…… Hm, since you’re friends with Sue, I believe the person who lost is my second brother right?”

This assessment seemed a little…… unique?! Sue could not help but scratch her cheeks: “In the first place, Ash’s strength is very high, and no matter how famous the second prince is, he’s just a student. He doesn’t have the qualifications to fight a real battle.”

“That’s indeed true.” Ash accepted this praise without being polite about it: “Amongst the three children in the royal family, I feel that Luther is the strongest. When I did not become the leader of the wolf clan yet, I met him at the borders once. He is a warrior trained in a real battlefield, after all. Tegwyn…… or you, can’t compare to him.”

“Ehhh, did you lose to my brother?!” Fedrus became even more interested.

“I didn’t lose,” Ash was a little depressed, “but I didn’t win either…… We didn’t exchange blows for long because we met a batch of high-level bandits who escaped from another kingdom, and in the end, we had no choice but to join hands with each other to get them. During the time we cooperated, I got to know his identity……”

“After that?! Did you continue to fight after you vanquished the bandits?!”

“No, he was busy bringing the ones who were still alive back for interrogation, and I was busy trying to avoid the Elders from my clan who were sent out to catch me.” Ash was greatly frustrated: “But I failed to escape at the end, and the Elders brought me back and whipped me for an hour with a thorny whip……”



Someone had exposed his embarrassing moments to add flavor to their meal. Sue felt her appetite became fantastic. She was delighted for a while before she remembered that she had things to say. “No matter what, the problem with Tegwyn is finally over. Now the important thing is how to get the students to accept the presence of the wolves.”

“What is there to talk about, if there’s someone who’s unhappy about it, we can duel and be done with it.”

Ash was always simple-minded. Regardless of what it was, he believed that the fist was the truth to everything. Furthermore, since the prince from the Tower of Glory was defeated so easily, he had full of confidence in the future.

This time Sue did not manage to speak in time, and it was the little prince who was a step ahead to explain:

“You can’t put things that way. The thing is, if you don’t settle it properly, it’s easy to draw the students’ ire. The power of gossip is far more frightening than you think. Even if you can defeat all of them, you will not be able to stop their lips….. They can use words to hurt and ruin you until you have no choice but to leave on your own.”

Ash stared at him for a few seconds: “I thought only women would have the habit of gossiping?!”

“Actually at the core of a man, they are as bored as the females. The difference between the two is the females’ boredom comes out at any occasion, while the males are pretty much Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing.” The little prince rolled his eyes, he finally met someone who was more naive than him, but why did he feel such a strange sense of pride and accomplishment over this?!

(TL: The original colloquial slang/term used here is 闷骚 Men Sao, and from what I understand it’s a pretty ridiculous term with a whole bunch of meaning in it. To put it in a crude way, it’s used to describe a stoic-looking guy on the outside with lots of intense emotions inside. Guys with this who do it at the right timing would be awakened and even be “extraordinarily explosive”, making them ladykillers. Could be wrong though. So in a PUN way, you get me trying to pull the wool over your eyes.)



Sue’s stomach was about to burst from the laughter. The little prince’s education was too successful. He was able to grasp such a modern meme that she wondered what the queen would think if she got to know about it.

“Then what should I do based on your suggestions?” Ash used a fork to fork up a piece of stewed meat, looked at it for a second and felt that the efficiency was not high enough, so he threw the fork down and use his hand directly. About the issue of asking the two children for opinions, he felt that it was normal. He did not even think they were children…… The children of the human race, even if they were young, they were cunning and even more cunning, especially children from the royal family.

Fedrus and Sue looked at each other. The latter pushed out both her hands to let him express his thoughts, so the former had no choice but to answer: “Sue has actually helped you deal with the hardest problem. At the very least, the fear of your wolves would not be shown openly in the school. This means it’s the first step of the wolves’ acceptance. The next thing would be for them to get used to you…… and your wolves.”

“And how would I do that?!”

The little prince thought for a moment and looked at Sue: “Do you recall the Griffin Cavalry in the palace?!”

“Presentable. Quite cool.” Sue also recalled for a while: “I think I heard they are quite popular in your country?!”

The little prince nodded: “Indeed. Actually, people are still able to accept fierce beasts and magical monsters in their lives. For example, a knight riding on a magical beast, in fact, quite a few of them have their own contracted magical beasts, and these creatures are much more powerful than the wolves, but why are they accepted?! …… The bigger reason as to why the students cannot accept the wolves is not because they are afraid, it’s because they only belong to you.”

It’s like when a person walking on a busy street with the crowd minding their own business, they would only feel that’s busy and crowded. These people had nothing to do with each other and they were not a threat to that person.

But if that person met another person who brought an entire group walking around, then his attention would be gathered on the group, even becoming wary of them….. F*@#! Could it be they are a gang?!

Especially if the members of that group had a more fearsome appearance, then people would become even more guarded. This was the difference between a group’s level of scariness versus one person’s scariness.

The number of wolves that Ash brought along was just too many, and the fact that they only listened to him…… Even if they did not show aggression, they were not friendly either…… Everyone would tremble under the circumstances. It was especially so when they were already guarded against one wolf, let alone a whole lot of them.

Ash stiffened for a moment: “You don’t mean to have me give my wolves away to them?!”

“That’s not necessary. You only need to do two things,” the little prince showed two fingers: “One, let everyone have the chance to get to know the wolves and dispel the unfamiliar feeling about them. Number two, scatter the wolves at the appropriate timing. Don’t let everyone feel like they gather together all the time, because they would think the wolves are scheming or planning a bloodbath.”

“…… So how do I get about doing this to make them feel unafraid?!”

“Do it like Sue.” Fedrus lowered his voice all mystery-like: “Wolf Taxi!”

On the very same evening, the Academy of Light suddenly had flyers flying everywhere, with the little advertisement papers dropping from the sky, and curious students picked them up and saw what the contents were:



Limited renting of the wolves for traveling services…… Are you running every day to get to your classes, meals, and dating spots?! Are you waiting in agony when the Beast Taxis are finally not full?! Perhaps you are frequently writing reports because you are late and the teachers punished you for it? Maybe you are rushing to your dating spots only to hear your girlfriend grumbling because you were late? …… The distance of your journeys has stretched your heart to the limits, however, now this is not a problem anymore…… Hire the specially trained wolves from the beastmen clan, you only need to pay x silver coins every day…… a dedicated mount that saves you from walking, allowing you not to worry about traveling through such a huge school…… What are you waiting for?! Take the flyer in your hands, and visit our Wolf Den!

Contact Address: XX Building XX Dorm name XX Room, Contact person: Ash…….

This advertisement made a huge wave of discussion in the Academy of Light.

Everyone knew how big the Academy of Light was. It was especially so for the students who had deep resentment over it. If it were only to choose six classes, the time where they need to attend them was not actually very much, and to gain more knowledge about these subjects was to practice more instead.

For example, if four hours were spent on classes, at least two hours were just spent on traveling. This included the traveling time to the various classrooms and the food canteens…… The newcomers were still fine, mostly because they were cared for, and their classes were close to each other.

But the older students could only swallow their tears and exhaustion…… The specialized classes they had could not be considered to be close to each other…..

Even if there were horse carriages or faster carriages driven by magical beasts, these resources did not belong to any student, and the carriage must be filled with students before they set off, or how else could they cater to so many people?!

Thus waiting for a carriage also became a painful issue.

Sue brought the idea of having one’s own traveling tool in the school very early with her broom. Even though the students were still reserved about the wolves because of their fear, but the agony of the long journey time triumphed everything…… With the principal and teachers’ assurances that they were safe, with the school idol Tegwyn admitting to it as well, and the final point was that it was just a wolf and not a pack of wolves…… D$#@! So many people were riding on magical beasts, could they really not ride on a beast?!

With the first brave warrior, quickly came the second, and the third…….

The majority of the people were still looking from afar, but it had not been even one hour before the flyers started floating down again, and aside from the usual advertising lines, there was an addition countdown sale to the warehouse—

XX Wolves have been rented out, XX Wolves are left with Ash, there’s a limited number left, come quickly if you want to rent them…….

The students exclaimed to themselves. Why were they still hesitating when so many are renting them! They would not be able to even see a tuft of wolf’s fur if they were late in renting.

Everyone finally realized that the human drumsticks were many while the wolves were few. The newcomer beastman seemed like he only brought a hundred wolves to school…… That was just too much of him. There were ten thousand students here, and he only brought a hundred?! That means the lucky person who acted fast would be getting the odds of one out of a hundred!

It was like a grand sale at the end of the year, and there was a crowd of the Wolf Beastman teacher’s residence. Thus, Ash became popular overnight……

The principal was nonplussed over the report. He placed it on the table with a smack and raised both his hands, and he could not help but shake his head, speaking to the other teachers: “I didn’t think there would be a move like this.”

This scheme was more effective than their dedicated advertisement. When something was tied to one’s advantages, most of the people would ignore the risks. Of course, this risk was negated because of the teachers’ hard work to keep the students safe.

But no matter what, the wolves’ terrorism incident was finally drawn to a perfect finish. Even if there were still a few stubborn people out there who did not want to approach the wolves, they would slowly accept the legal appearances of the wolves.

The Alchemy teacher was dissatisfied as he glared with both eyes and a bristling beard: “Such a young girl having so many scheming thoughts. My grandson just brought the broom back, and before I could analyze it, she called him out to distribute the flyers, saying that he had to pay the broom with his body…… I only managed to touch the broomstick!”

“But regardless of what it is, you still managed to get the broom and things have been settled. When your grandson is done with the classes tomorrow, you would be able to analyze however long you wish to, right?!” The principal consoled the Alchemy Teacher: “That little girl is still pretty good. I think if you actually ask her directly for it, you might have gotten the broom from the start…..”

The Alchemy teacher nearly shed tears as a result of his grievances. Did he not try to do it from the start?! The problem was that little girl did not want to be tied down by him even for a second, and when he finally got her where she wanted to, he was angry enough to think up of all sorts of subtle ways to get the broom. This eventually ended up with him going a long distance before he got the broom.

“But I’m more curious about another thing. Why did that little girl help, Ash?!” The wolf beastman teacher scratched his hair in incomprehension: “Logically speaking, such a young child should have no relationship with Ash. But it seemed like they were getting along nicely, and even half of the money that Ash’s wolves earned was given to her……”

“This…..” The principal was also speechless. How would he know about this thing, it was not as if he was a noble lady with nothing to do, and spent his time to drink tea and gossip with others.

“Then what did your little wolf child in your clan say about it?!” Another teacher asked in curiosity.

The Wolf Beastman teacher showed both his palms: “He said nothing about it, only that it was a coincidence that he met Sue. If Sue is willing to tell me how they met, then he would talk about it…… Blasphemy! This is something that I don’t understand, why does Ash want to take the side of a little girl from the human race!”

“Why would she refuse to let Ash tell you about it?! Could it be that her true identity is something that cannot see daylight?!” That teacher who asked the question suddenly turned it into a conspiracy.

The principal looked at the people who suddenly fell into a silence, and he showed a wry smile: “No, I think that isn’t the case, it’s just that she likes to see you getting all worked up for not knowing the answer.”

“””……””” Indeed, that was the most possible possibility…….

Everyone was silent upon realizing Sue’s real nature.

On Sue’s private lake, the trio sat on an empty large ship, celebrating over the perfect solution to the wolves.

“It’s really late, are you sure it’s fine if you two don’t go back to your dorms?!” Ash tore the meat happily while he worried over his two young friends at the same time.

To be honest, it was not possible to say that he did not feel depressed for the past few days. It was not as if he did not know how the students were viewing him and his wolves. The important companions in his heart were treated as dangerous monsters in their eyes…… It was easy to get everyone to compromise as long as the school’s attitude did not change, and the students had to accept it. But for everyone to acknowledge and accept him and his wolves, that was surprising and delightful.

People will always spread rumors and slander, and even though some victims would not mind it as much, it was still good to avoid it whenever possible.

There was no real need for the wolves to gather together. He brought them along with him when he was free was just to prevent them from gathering together for no real reason. The wolves were free to act on their own when he attended classes, and they only gathered when they hunt for food.

It was good that they could do labor and earn some pocket change now…… It was not as if he and his clan members did not use them for riding……

“I’m fine. It’s not the first time I did not return to my dorm, at most I will just stay here for a night.” Sue narrowed her eyes: “Now that the troublesome things are solved, the most important thing is to set this place up as soon as possible.”

“Other than us, is there no one else who know that you can change into an adult?!” Fedrus who drank a little fruit wine sneakily asked with a red face.

Sue thought for a moment: “The Demon race and a few members of the Assassin Guild know.”

She paused before she looked at Ash with slight embarrassment: “There was a previous occasion when one of your clan members detected your wolf fang on me. If he asks about it, remember to say that you gave it to Count Sue, and not me, okay?”

No wonder that Wolf teacher kept asking if he liked Count Sue. Ash nodded: “Hmm. Okay.”

“I won’t tell mother too,” Fedrus’s head shook around while he promised earnestly, “don’t worry, Sue.”

“Ahhh, I’m not worried.” Sue threw a beast fur blanket and smacked him with it: “If you’re drunk go to sleep. I already told you that kids can’t drink wine.”

“Hehe, but the fruit wine is tasty.” Even though he was drunk, the little prince tucked himself into the blanket without an issue, and he rolled around a few times to become something like a silkworm. He rolled next to Sue and rubbed himself on her, showing half of his head and continued to mumble hazily: “I liked this taste ever since I was young, but now I only dare to drink when I’m with sue, from young….. future……”

The voice gradually weakened and his words were unclear in the end. The head was tucked into the blanket and there were very small breathing noises…… Sue and Ash looked at each with uncontrolled smiles. Kids were such a pain.

“I envy the human kids. They are not like us where we have to learn how to fight from young.” Ash did not like fruit wine, so he took a barrel of ale and put it at his side, drinking while he reflected on it: “Even though we like fighting, it’s more of a situation where we have no choice but to fight. When we have to use our full strength to fight for our lives, how can we be like these children who act freely?!”

“Actually, you’re wrong about this. There’s no one who’s carefree in this world.” Sue shot him a glance: “You don’t know this kid’s circumstances. Don’t look at him like he’s a prince, do you know where I found him?!”

“Where?!” Ash smiled: “In the palace’s magnificent ballroom?!”

Sue poured herself a mug of ale and clinked their glasses, also smiling: “In the heart of the Magical Beast Forest.”


“At that point, he was hanging on by a thread. The Merfolk and I diagnosed him at that time, not only was he suffering from lethal poisons, he was also cursed…… The curse was resolved a while ago, but the poison is not completely cured, and now he’s being kept alive by a thread. Currently, Fedrus’s various stats are still weakening. The reason why the ambassador from the Demon Race suddenly appeared, is due to the invitation of the royal family to help make an antidote against this dark poison.” Sue sighed: “Even I don’t have the means to make the antidote, and it wouldn’t take very long for everyone to know that that this talented boy is actually someone useless.”

“This battle…… As expected, it’s only the humans who would be so disgusting,” Ash showed his astonishment: “What can I do to help!”

Such a good man! …… No, such a good wolf! Sue was moved for a moment before she refused:

“This isn’t your strong point, I think I’ll pass on your offer. If I do need your help, I’ll ask.”

“Very well, I’ll pray that things will go smoothly for you.” Ash saluted to her.

“Thanks.” Sue drank the ale with a smile, then frowned…… The wine’s technique was indeed lacking. Even though the taste was close to beer, but it lacked the fragrance.

[Whatever. I should drink the wine instead. Even though the buzz was small, the taste was authentic……]

Sue sighed and went for the wine barrel. Once she filled her mug and touched it with her lips, her expression suddenly changed tremendously:


“What’s wrong?!”

“Someone put things into my wine!” Sue threw an antidote into her mouth in fury to delay the poison, but it was actually useless.

The wine was done with her own hands, starting from the fruits to fermentation. Other than the moment where she put the barrels of wine into the cellar, there was no chance of it being tampered with, who dared to raise their hands to her?!

Ash paled as well, and he asked next: “What about the little prince?!”


Sue wanted to curse out loud again, this was clearly going for the chibi. She pulled the blanket away to reveal his face, and there was no need to test for his breathing. The purple-green face said it all.

She dealt the situation with practiced hands, immediately forcing a petrification potion down his throat, summoning her white tiger and carried the chibi along with his blanket, then kept the wine into her Dimension Bracelet. She waved her hand: “You should stop drinking. There might be problems with the wine and food…… I have to go, if you find there’s something wrong with your body, send a wolf to me.”

She brought out the wolf fang and hung it on her neck: “Follow this scent, if I’m not in Fedrus’s room, I’ll be in the Alchemy Room.”

“Are you fine?!” Ash was a little worried.

“No problem. Tsk. Even if the scumbags want to use underhanded means, they should actually check what I do for a living. Since they left the poison behind, how can I not give them face and not cure it?!”

It was just that the stats were going down quickly, and she could not use a petrification potion on herself…… She needed to race against time.

“That’s it, baibaibaibai. If you don’t see me tomorrow looking for you, inform the school.” (TL: Byebyebyebye, Sue says it with a lisp slang.)

This was the last option. If she really did not make it in time, she could only petrify herself and let the school or the Demon Race to save the sleeping beauty…… Bleh! Such a cliche plot!

She waved her hands and did not continue wasting time with Ash, riding on the white tiger and carrying Fedrus in a stable position before leaving.

Ash looked at the white tiger carrying the two children up in the air and stood blankly where he was before coming back to his senses. He kicked the innocent barrel of ale to the lake: “D#@% it!”

The barrel of ale shook in the lake, spewing out bubbles before it settled down, floating on the water’s edge, up and down, quiet as the night…….

“Decaying vines, Sand Spider’s poison sacs, parasitic plants, sulfur……” Sue hurriedly analyzed the poison composition in the fruit wine. Besides the crucible station and cauldron, there was a dozen health potions and a huge barrel.

The huge barrel was for her to vomit out blood, while the health potions were to replenish the blood loss…… Sue suddenly felt immensely gloomy. Honestly, there were not many who would be as miserable as she was right now. But then again, struggling like this was better than others who could only wait for death.

With each component analyzed, Sue felt crazier the more she wrote them down……

“F$#%! So many?! They really paid a lot for this.”

The more complicated the poison was, the more complicated the antidote would be. Just collecting the ingredients would be a problem, and she still had to consider the compatibility of the antidote’s ingredients……

“Everyone is just making a living as assassins, do you need to corner people so much?!”

She puked out blood and wrote down the new composition, dealing it with a veteran’s hands, wiping her lips and gulping down the health potion. She looked at the time and believed that there was enough to think up of an antidote, but there would be a problem later on due to the lack of time.

She hesitated for three seconds, took out a magic mirror from Fedrus’s clothes, and then took out her own magic mirror in her Dimension Bracelet. She did not waste any time and spoke three-ways.

The Demon General was first to appear: “Yes?!”

“Hold on, wait for the queen!” Sue continued to analyze the antidote’s recipe and answered without lifting her head. But once she finished speaking, she puked out blood and gulped down a health potion, her actions as natural as a waterfall.



“Sue?!” The Demon General who was woken up in the middle night did not expect to see this sight, and he asked in frightened shock: “What happened to you?!”

But the queen finally appeared on the other mirror: “Fedrus…… why is it you?!” The queen expressed shock.

Good, everyone was here, Sue raised her head to speak about things quickly: “There’s one thing, Fedrus has been poisoned again, and I too got hit with it……”

“What did you say?!” The mirrors shook.

“The good news is that I have the culprit’s poison, and I’m now in the middle or curing it, and there’s hope to make an antidote.” Puking blood, drinking blood, a moment of breathing, and she continued: “The bad news is that gathering the ingredients is probably going to be difficult and I need help.”