The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 – Employing the wolves



“The analysis of tamed beasts and the good points of having peace between the various races?” Sue’s body twitched a little as she looked at the flyer that was forcefully pushed into her hands: “What is this and what again?!”

The administrative teacher had no other choice: “Don’t look at me like that, this is given to us by another teacher to let us try to distribute them to every student…… There’s a beastman who has entered the school to study, and he brought along his pack of wolves. The principal is afraid that the students will be scared.

[Whoa, so the magic continent has also started to distribute flyers?!]

Sue skipped past the important point as soon as she found it funny: “Then how much are you all being paid?! It’s not easy to distribute them right?”

“You naughty child!” Just who did the little girl learn to gloat on someone’s misery?! The teacher glared at her for a while before he could not help but laugh as well: “Go and prepare for your classes! Since you’re using a broom to fly around, I think you won’t be affected.”

Sue smiled. Even if she did not fly on her broom she was not that timid, really. She waved the flyer in her hand and left.

No matter how much the world complained in dissatisfaction, the wolves were staying in the Academy of Light legally and had the right to enjoy non-discrimination.

As for that flyer which could make Sue realized it was about Ash, she squashed it up into a heap and threw it into the rubbish bin.

Thus the wolves continued to blatantly sprint through the school at every street and alley as they howled, obeying their leader to find little Sue’s tracks, and the means of tracking her was Ash’s tooth.

This action also trained every student on their courage and mental tolerance, allowing these future flowers of the kingdom to have strong hearts.

Because Sue’s schedule was filled to the brim, she did not walk and instead ride on her broom or white tiger. She had completely entered the realms of being a godly assassin. When someone wanted to find her, one second she was there, one second later she completely vanished when one turned their eyes away.

Even the little prince and Eins did not manage to speak to her, let alone Ash.

Heroes were made during chaotic times. No matter how much the students complained, the teachers’ attitudes were nonchalant about the wolves and pretended to act like they did not see anything or speak about it. The students were also furious about the inaction of the teachers and decided to resolve things with their own ways.

It was very simple to resolve things privately, a fight.

If someone was not to the students’ liking, they would be beaten up. Like how some ignorant kid approached the school belle, the students would drag him out to get beaten…… There was no lack of school violence in any world, especially when this was a school that allowed duels.

Thus a hero finally answered the cries of the thousands of students and issued a challenge to Ash. And this hero was the Fire Magician that had a strong popularity amongst the crowd — Tegwyn……

“A duel again?!” Sue who delivered the medicine again on a day wanted to scoot away, when the little prince pounced on her before she could get onto the broom and got informed on the latest gossip: “A duel is a duel, when did the school not have duels on a day. What are you all excited for?! Tomorrow’s the exam for Alchemy, have you studied for it? Have you made a completed product?! Also, today’s Miltary Affairs’ homework is about the analysis of the classic battles. I remember that the teacher wants at least 14 filled parchments?! A darn kid should study every day to improve themselves, what the heck are you following everyone else for and getting all excited……”

The little prince immediately felt at a loss for words, and all his excitement was poured away by a cold pail of water. Saying that he did not feel gloomy was impossible: “Sue, are you really not interested at all?! The two parties who are going to duel are very strong.”

Why did her Sue not have a kid’s adorable passion?! Working and studying and experimenting every day, acting like an old fogey more than an old fogey……

But even if she did, he still liked Sue Sue the best. The little prince’s disappointment was soon adjusted and he continued to smile in front of Sue and follow her from behind. Eins who was obediently doing his homework sighed several times.

The successor to the kingdom was this person. Since he liked Sue, no matter how she bullied him he was still fond of her. Even an outsider like Eins felt embarrassed for Fedrus when he acted this way……

“Sue, I’m sure that you don’t know about it. This time it’s my second older brother who issued the challenge.” Fedrus tried to Sue’s interest up.

“I remember that he’s an advanced Fire Magician right?! At this level, any student who gets into a duel would sort of be bullied a little?!” Sue indeed had a little interest in it: “What’s going on?! Someone stole his girlfriend away?!”

The most probable sole reason for a man to fight, especially those with reputation and pride, was for a girl and his face.

“No, his opponent is the Wolf leader of the Beastman race. Even at his young age, he’s able to summon his pack of wolves, the chance for Prince Tegwyn to win is not high.” Eins shyly fought to answer first with a red face.

“Wolf leader?!” Why did this term sound so familiar. A sweat drop appeared on Sue’s face, could it be the wolf leader she knew?!

Fedrus glared at Eins in dissatisfaction when his thunder was stolen: “The Wolf leader is the beastman who could unite of all the Wolf Beastmen, and he also has the ability to control a pack of wolves. He’s only 14 years old.”

“…… I say, little brat,” Sue finally confirmed the person the two were talking about, and she could not help but wipe her sweat away and asked: “do you remember that rumor from the past.”

“Which one?!”

“……” That you were the illegitimate son of a beastman…… Sue broke out into a sweat: “Never mind, I’m just randomly talking about it, it’s fine if you don’t remember since it’s nothing important anyway.”

The legendary son meeting the legendary dad?! It was fortunate that no one in the school knew about this thing, otherwise how awkward would this reunion be.

But come to think of it, when did Ash come to school?!

The people who wanted to see the duel but had the Alchemy exams made them wish for different things. They wanted time to pass quickly so they could see the duel as soon as possible, but at the same time wanted time to go by slowly so they could spend more time making the Alchemy tools. If they failed the exam as soon as they entered the school, the pressure for the next three months with a red mark on their grades would be terrible……

With this mentality, the exam was finally there. Sue generously handed up a six-slotted Dimension bag for her exam, instantly sending the Alchemy teacher who was full of expectations into a spiral of depression.

The other new students also handed up their products either confidently or timidly and waited for the Alchemy teacher’s grade with quickened heartbeats.

“This is it?!” The Alchemy teacher stared at all the products and looked at the simple six-slotted Dimension Bag: “This is your final chance to hand in your products. If they are not good enough, you might not be able to pass your exam.”

Sue was lying on the table before she got up with a hand supporting her chin: “Threatening little children is wrong.”

“……” The Alchemy teacher was silent for a while before he coughed dryly and tried to entice her: “I wish that everyone would bring out their real abilities, and not try to simply pass the exam half-heartedly….. You must know, that one can only improve the most by putting all your efforts into it. You’re here not only to get results but to obtain more knowledge……”

“……” So all the teachers in the different worlds spoke like this?! Sue could only express indifference, telling children these words were just pointless.

Certainly, these words were a philosophical truth. However, not everyone could accept or understand it. For someone who was not yet an adult who did not experience enough, or emotions not stabilized, this truth would only make them annoyed.

Even a grown-up might not be able to listen to honest warnings from others. Children did not understand, and adults hated fingers pointing at them.

The method of guiding was important, which was why some people thought conversations were a type of art form. But the most important thing…… This old man was not really speaking from the bottom of his heart, but rather trying to deceive her to take out her broom right?!

Sue was someone who was malicious. If everyone did not express great enthusiasm about her broom, perhaps she would have just gifted a batch easily. But now that everyone expressed great interest in it, and even used all kinds of means to obtain it, she suddenly became energetic…… to act ignorant and refuse to give it away.

Many people had that type of mentality, even though an item was not something that was not precious to them, the moment people expressed interest in this item, it would become valuable. The point was not about the object itself, but the accomplishment of fighting over that item.

The teacher kept talking till his lips were dry. Logic was imparted, but the target did not even blink and seemingly nodded to express that she understood. She was pretending to be obedient…… The teacher got angry.

[What is this darn kid, coercing and persuading doesn’t work on her. Can you at least give a little respect, these words are directed to you……]

The Alchemy teacher kept talking, but Sue’s eyes did not even show a bit of response to him. It was until the end of the lesson before the teacher finally reluctantly stopped talking and left, bringing along a bag full of the students’ completed work…… As well as an old heart that was filled with holes.

“Quick, quick! The duel starts in an hour. Let’s grab a bite before rushing there!!!”

The batch of chibi finally managed to hold on to the teacher left. They were so excited that they banged the tables and chairs, sweeping their books and instruments into their dimension bags. Sue watched them blankly as they finished packing in a few seconds.

[Really, it’s just a fight though?!]

“It takes twenty minutes for someone who has not trained battle techniques to reach the canteen from this classroom, another ten minutes to queue up for food. Even if you run and eat at the same time, you need another twenty minutes to reach the transport point. Then it takes fifteen minutes to reach the location of the Dueling Grounds.”

Someone calculated the time for Sue and smiled: “Even if a second isn’t wasted, it takes 65 minutes. If there was an unexpected situation, like the canteen having too many people queuing up for food, or the transportation carriage staying for a little longer, would mean that the duel would have almost ended when they reached the dueling grounds”

“Oh……” It seems that the air traveler like herself did not know the land travelers’ pain. She had gotten used to traveling by air and even if she was to slow down her speed, she would still be faster than a common carriage, especially when she’s traveling in a straight line through the air. The journey between two points obviously was best traveled by straight lines, anyone would know that logic.

“So why aren’t you packing quickly?!” Sue asked the person next to her when she understood the issues: “You don’t want to watch the duel?! It can’t be right?”

She understood clearly how popular Tegwyn was in the academy as time went by. To be honest, anyone who stayed in the glorious Towers would be admired by the academy’s students.

Not only did they represented the highest honor a student could receive, they basically locked on to a path of glory…… For example, the Alchemy teacher was one of the students who stayed in the Alchemy Tower and became one of the honorable members of the Alchemy Guild……

The person next to her laughed with embarrassment: “Of course I want to see the duel, but I’m thinking, can I get a seat on your broom to go there?!” After a short pause, and Sue did not look like she was unwilling, and spoke even more smoothly: “Of course, as thanks, I’ll treat you to lunch.”

This was the difference between the smart and stupid people. The latter only knew how to try and fight against a crowd, while the former knew how to make use of the people beside them and sought another way…..

The agreement was established after the bunch of chibi classmates left hurriedly. Sue and her classmate slowly packed their things and got onto the broom, reached the canteen before the others and bought their lunch. They then left the canteen and got onto the broom with a relaxed demeanor like they were going for a picnic, and even greeted their classmate who ran over like a maniac. They flew and left for the dueling grounds in front of the stunned classmate……

“Wow!” The classmate behind Sue took in a deep breath with satisfaction with narrowed eyes like they were enjoying it: “No wonder so many people want to fly. This feeling is really awesome.”

“It’s okay. Also, it’s because nobody is fighting for air-space. If everyone is capable of flying, just imagine how bad the air traffic would be.”

Back then in the game, when each major city had a big event, it was not just the ground that was filled with people, it was also packed in the sky…… That grand scene; it was like uncountable houseflies flying about.

In addition, there was no foothold unlike the ground, it was easy to get into a flying accident. The people who had light bodyweight would become something of a rowing boat in the ocean, doomed to helplessness and sadness….. The injuries sustained in the sky were several times more compared to land transport.

Ignorance was bliss.

“…… Based on your explanation, is this why you’re unwilling to share the secret on how to make the broom?!” The classmate asked after thinking for a while.

“Who said I’m unwilling to share it?!” Sue asked in surprise.

“Huh?!” The classmate was stunned: “But the teacher has hinted more than a few times, and you didn’t……”

“You already said it’s hinting. When did he tell me he wanted to borrow my broom to study it?! If he really wanted to ask for it he should tell me directly. How do I know he wants it if he doesn’t spit it out?! You also know that I’m a girl and I don’t have thick skin. If I get it wrong how embarrassing would it be……”

The classmate was completely at a loss for words. The Alchemy teacher wanted to ask for it, but he also had to have the thick skin to ask for it…… If hinting did not work out, what was going to happen if he asked for it directly? You might as well just spit in his old face…… Was this little girl pretending to be stupid or was she really innocent?

The classmate’s experience in flying was quickly over. The straight line and the broom’s speed were just too good. The distance that was supposedly far away was forcefully completed in just a few minutes, and it was not under the addition of acceleration.

Tegwyn and the wolf beastman youth apparently were still not there. They got there way too quickly, and it was still about an hour before things officially started. The classmate could only accompany Sue to have their lunch.

It was not very long before the wolves started appearing one after another before Tegwyn and Ash appeared. It seemed like they were taking a walk to help in digestion.

The classmate was completely stiff instantly, feeling a little tense. Sue glanced at where the classmate’s eyes were looking at, and she quickly noticed the pack of large wolves walking about in the sunlight…… Hmm, it was no wonder the kids were afraid. The wolves appeared even bigger than the ones when she last saw Ash. Their body height was already a meter tall…….

After thinking for a while, she silently withdrew the Ash’s tooth necklace and put it on her neck. She whistled loudly and the wolves turned to her. Once she noticed that she waved happily:


The classmate nearly became unconscious. How bold was this little girl?

The wolves first looked uncertainly at Sue’s direction. Getting a friendly greeting from a student made them a little puzzled. Suddenly, a few of them sniffed the air hesitantly. After a long moment, as if to finally confirm something, the wolves began howling excitedly and dashed……. towards Sue and her classmate’s table like a wave.

The whites of the classmate’s eyes could already be seen, and his small face had become as white as a sheet of paper. Even though he wanted to believe that the wolves were not dangerous and tried their best to look upon them kindly, but….. this pack of wolves could not be seen as non-dangerous.

The excitement in their eyes seemed like they were treating him and Sue like they were quality drumsticks, filled with sumptuous bites and delicious tasting juice…… Sob, grandfather, your cute grandson can no longer be with you……

But the scary incident did not happen. At the moment where the classmate nearly passed out in fright with jittery legs, the wolves stopped a meter away from the two and looked curiously at Sue with passionate eyes, but did not approach without permission. Only a few wolves which looked like they had higher status amongst the pack went up and whined as they rubbed their heads against Sue’s body and arms to express their friendliness.

“You’re with Ash?!” Sue was also generous. She took prey that was hunted in the forest from her Dimension Bracelet and threw them out to treat the wolves. Even though they had already eaten, they took a piece each to acknowledge her.

The script changed too quickly, and the classmate who thought he was at the end of his life watched the little girl get along with the wolves. His eyes nearly popped out: “You know them?!”

“No.” Sue waved her hands: “I only know their leader.”

“…… You mean Ash?!”

“Yup.” Sue smiled: “Actually there’s nothing to be scared. You might feel that the wolves are not easy to get along and they have no intelligence, and they might injure you or something. But Ash is just like you and me….. And they listened to Ash. If Ash tells them not to hurt people, they would not hurt you.”

Even though he acknowledged these words, looking at the large wolves who were bigger and regarded him with a smile that revealed big fangs, he could not help but retreat a little, almost about to hide behind Sue’s body: “But why I do feel a little unsafe?!”

“Then how safe must it be?! Must I put my head into the wolf’s mouth to show it to you?” Sue laughed: “And you’re a big boy who’s timider than a little girl.”

An underage youth was the easiest to fall for provocation, and he forgot to be scared and instead angrily retorted: “I’m not a coward at all!”

“Oh, then how about you ride one of them and run around once?!” Sue clapped her hands against the nearest wolf, and her classmate did not expect it to lie obediently on the ground with its eyes staring at him for him to ride on it.

“Cough!” Being angry was one thing, but he still held on to a shred of sanity and continued to be scared: “I don’t know how to ride on a wolf. The balance isn’t good and there’s no bridle like a horse. What happens if I fall?!”

Sue took out her broom and rose slowly to the air, and clicked her tongue as she flew around the table. Her classmate felt a foreboding sense of misfortune and asked warily: “What are you trying to do?!”

“Nothing. I’m helping you train your balance.” Sue did not have any intentions of holding back and lifted him up by the collar and threw him onto the wolf.

The wolf taxi was also very hardworking, not even going for a trotting speed, and raised its acceleration to the maximum and galloped in delight. The classmate felt his world was going up and down, and he subconsciously grabbed the giant wolf’s neck for balance. After a moment of confusion, he finally regained his senses and terrified screams echoed throughout the dueling grounds.

Sue watched the Wolf Knight scream become a black dot along with a trail of dust and screams. She clutched her broomstick as she laughed till her stomach nearly hurt with a mean streak. That child. If he really was scared he should just spit it out, serves him right for wanting face.

“Sue?! What are you doing?!” A familiar voice came behind her while she was laughing in glee.

When she turned around, she saw Ash’s…… fluffy little ears.

Uh, she was flying too high and the angle was wrong. She hurriedly descended a little and said with a smile: “When did you come to the kingdom?! I thought you went to the magic forest again.”

Ash was unhappy: “I’ve been looking for you ever since I entered the school. When I heard there’s a little girl who’s riding on a broom, I knew it was you at once. But I didn’t get to meet you at all….. When I went back to the Beastmen mountains, the Elders felt the Beastmen race are unable to solve the issue of the Tree of Life. We can only try to find a way to find a descendant of the Elves…… So there’s nothing for us to do anymore.”

“I see.” Sue nodded.

“How about you?! Why are you willing to leave the forest?!”

Ash was very happy to see a friend that he had not seen for a long time, and he carried the little girl down onto the ground. He also sat down to chat with her: “I also heard that many other races later went to the forest. Did they try to chase you out?!”

If that’s the case he needed to bring his wolves to visit those races. How could they bully a little girl?

“Your news is a bit old.” Sue sighed: “There are a few things that happened later on, and it’s quite complicated. I’ll tell you later….. But those races did not trouble me. I came out because the Tree of Life has revived, and the magical beasts in the forest are guarding that place without leaving at all. I believe the new elves will be born three to five years later.”

“New elves?!”

“Yup. You didn’t hear about this?!”

Ash thought for a while: “Not at all. Perhaps they don’t want the news spreading…..”

The Elves moved away a thousand years ago and did not appear on the continent again. Almost everyone including the humans thought they were extinct. After all, they were a race that had trouble giving birth.

The Elves were blessed by the heavens, wielding excellent shooting skills and nature magic. Range or melee attacks, their physical damage could be considered as first-tier. If it were not for the fact that they had an indifferent nature and a population that did not grow in size, it was a question as to whether the humans would be the rulers of the continent.

But what was going to happen if new Elves appear when everyone had gotten used to their disappearance?!

Without the teachings of the old Elves, what was going to happen to the new Elves?! Still indifferent?! Great with archery and magic?! Or a new Elf race entirely?!

Even though Ash was a little more direct, he was not stupid. No matter how well the humans treated the other races, they did not compare with their own. The other races had their own territory and continued living on the continent, but that was just living on the continent.

Civilization’s progress was almost in the hands of the humans, and either the other races had to stay hidden, or follow the humans’ footsteps.

Cultural invasion might be a foreign word in this foreign world, but the races were already experiencing this invasion. When the humans looked at the other races, their eyes were looking like how the people in a city looked at the people in the rural areas. The humans offered donations, and not acting as though they were equals…… Humans were the ones who governed the continent, and the other races were their vassals……

The various hidden races naturally had their guards against the humans. They relied on protecting themselves, so Ash thought it was a natural thing for the various races to keep information hidden— Who knew if the humans would attempt something if they knew the Tree of Life was revived!

The adult wolf who ran around was actually very fast. It was not long before it ran around the dueling grounds once, and brought back Sue’s shocked classmate who was nearly in tears. There were also various screams for quite a few students. They thought a student had finally gotten attacked by the wolves……

It was clear. The words from the principal could not be relied on! It was bulls@*# that humans and wolves can get along with each other!

“Hahaha—” Ash was laughing while clutching his stomach. He did not get to see Sue forcing someone to ride on a wolf, but now that he saw it he found it pleasurable: “You don’t need to be scared, use your thighs to grab onto it……. No, no, not your calves, you will pinch its stomach.”

[Using your thighs……] Sue’s mind went to a bad place. She smirked as she lifted the poor little boy who had jelly for his legs: “How is it?! Galloping in the school is nice right?! THat speed is like a Ferrari’s…… Tch! Stop being a country bumpkin, stand up.”

The classmate was crying: “You, you……”

“Am I not kind and cute?!” Sue laughed.

“……” S*#$! You little devil…… The classmate felt ashamed. He actually screamed louder than a little girl in front of everybody, how was he going to face them later on?!

“Ash! You actually used your wolves to scare the students in the Academy of Light?!” Right at that moment, the righteous Tegwyn finally showed up like he was showered in golden light, heroically confronting the villain Ash, and tried his best to console the cannon fodder: “Quickly get up, there’s no need to be afraid of them with me here! Everyone’s looking at you!”

The classmate was burning up. He was indeed scared, but was it necessary to say it so openly.

He knew that everyone was looking at him, and when Tegwyn spoke, the number of students who looked over at him increased…… He nearly wanted to bite his tongue and commit suicide at that moment. Living like this would only be a dull future where he was going to be mocked…..

“Tegwyn bro, don’t put things that way,” Sue revealed herself with a smile: “we didn’t bully him, he just wanted to feel the pleasure of riding a wolf…… If you don’t believe me, how about asking him?!”

Tegwyn looked at Sue suspiciously: “Sue?! Why are you here with this wolf Beastman?!” He looked at the poor classmate: “Is what she said true?!”

In front of his life and pride, the classmate chose the latter after a moment of hesitation: “Yes! I requested to ride it myself!”

Each point of face earned was a point. Even though he showed that he was scared, it was because he challenged himself……

“See.” Sue shrugged innocently, then poked Ash who was behind her to stop him from talking: “Blockhead…… Everyone is afraid of you, so why don’t you let them come forward on their own volition?!”

Oh?! So you were planning bad things again?!