The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 194

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Chapter 194 – The final moment (12)





Faena directed Sifrid to a spot on the battlefield that was not particularly well-hidden. When the cloak’s invisibility finally ran out, she soon felt someone pulling her away and discovered it was Scarlett. The latter looked solemnly at her and said:

“This area is too dangerous, you need to move elsewhere.”

And before Faena could say anything, she was dragged away.


“Sister Scarlett.”

The red-haired girl stopped momentarily to pat Sifrid’s head: “Let’s go. None of us are capable of interfering my lord’s battle. We are within range to be affected by it.”

“Hmph, he’s only relying on the Sword Saints to protect him. Just a while ago, he kept running away from that woman like a frightened chicken.” Faena replied with annoyance, but she did not dare to continue after seeing Scarlett’s angry stare.

“Sister Scarlett, look over there—” Sifrid tugged at Scarlett’s sleeves, and the latter looked at Sifrid was pointing to.

Brendel was running to a certain location while Andesha and Mephisto fought. He was hoping to achieve the same effect as a Golden Demonic Tree. There were constant rumblings as explosions rang out in mid-air. The Mistress of Withering Decay at an overwhelming strength and had the advantage, while Mephisto used his techniques to parry or dodge her attacks. When Veronica joined in the battle, Andesha immediately backed away to prevent herself from getting flanked.

“Your helper isn’t going to be effective.” Andesha sneered.

Mephisto did not bother to reply. His calm eyes that remained unchanged also declared that he was not even affected at all. The only response he gave was thrusting his greatsword into the air, and a grey Sword Energy pierced through the air and traveled over a hundred meters.

Andesha dispelled Mephisto’s attack with a bellow, then launched herself into the air, speeding towards the Sword Saint of Ashes. She unfurled her great wings right in front of him, and Mephisto guarded himself with the greatsword. A high-pitch metallic scream could be heard as the dragon scales met steel, and the greatsword was knocked back, while the attack was followed up by her claws to grab at Mephisto’s head.

At the same time, she chanted spell words and set up a boundary of lightning behind his back, trying to use a Fifth Circle magic spell to seal his escape.

Her claws were swift and deadly. If Mephisto was directly hit with them, his head would be riddled with holes. But she suddenly felt a subtle impediment to her Mana and her spell was cast slower by a single step. The spell that was supposed to be cast instantly was delayed and that human Sword Saint escaped through a gap.

[What’s going on?]

Andesha was shocked. Even the slightest change to a caster would make one fret. Andesha lowered her head and looked around warily, and immediately discovered Brendel’s little tricks.

Though it was probably inaccurate to call his actions “little tricks”.

Brendel had cut across his palms and was pouring his blood down onto a spot of grass that was still undamaged. He walked in a straight line, with the vegetation growing madly to form a black border.

[He’s mimicking the effects of a Golden Demonic Tree!]

Andesha did not ponder on why Brendel knew the secrets of a Golden Demonic Tree, but she was all too familiar with the Golden Demonic Tree’s effect on nature’s Mana. She was seething with stunned fury, and immediately extended her wings and left Mephisto behind.

Brendel had to stuff his ears with his fingers when he heard Andesha’s screams. When he looked up, he saw a huge black cloud gathering over his head.

Veronica’s face darkened and she went to Brendel’s side, prepared to defend him.

Mephisto naturally would not allow Andesha to switch her target so easily. Even though he did not know what Brendel was doing, he could sense that Andesha’s spellcasting was affected, and it was probably due to the youth. He pursed his lips and thrust at Andesha’s back.

“You pathetic worm! Die! Shadow Lightning!” Andesha bellowed. Her body was suddenly lit up by dark energy clad in electricity, and the bolts of dark lightning shot in all directions. A few struck his greatsword, causing him to feel numb on his hand, with a tremendous force from it that nearly caused him to lose his grip. The Mana on the lightning bolt was peculiar, not only causing paralysis but also bringing along a burning sensation that reached his heart.

Mephisto transferred the sword to his left hand and inspected his right. There were no burns on it, but the skin was turned black.

“The damage from her Withering Decay Element Power?” He was knowledgeable enough to discern that the lightning bolt was infused with a type of Shadow Element.

While the Sword Saint of Ashes was distracted, Andesha had already flown close to where Brendel was. She wanted to strike Brendel, but Veronica was ready with her sword and launched several green birds.

Even though Veronica was no match for her, she was capable of delaying her. Andesha hesitated for a while she dodged the birds, and eventually extended her claws. Numerous vines spawned from the ground with its ends as sharp a spear, speeding towards the youth.

These vines were corrupted by dark energy, and their numbers were like countless poisonous snakes squirming on the ground. Veronica frowned and hurriedly dealt with them so that Brendel could do what he wanted to do.

“How much longer!” She called out to the youth.

“Don’t fight with Andesha head on, work together with Mephisto and find chances to delay her!” Brendel did not answer her question and squeezed his arm so that more blood dripped out from his wound. The vegetation was now growing thorns and had no signs of stopping.



Andesha felt restless when she saw this sight. Even though these plants were not corrupted enough to completely distort the Mana in this area, it was enough to affect her connection with nature. As a Druid, she did not have physical capabilities that Mephisto had. She was probably no match for him once she lost her ability to cast her spells.

If Veronica joined in the fray, her chances to win was even lower. Battles were usually won in an instant at their level, and any subtle changes to the scales of battle would easily decide things.

Therefore Andesha decided to charge Brendel regardless of the dangers behind her. It was still a fair chance to get the youth as Veronica was still busy with the vines that she conjured.

Brendel glanced back at Andesha, his eyes seemingly fearless when he saw her charging at him. The truth was his heart was beating at its fastest. He had never felt this thrilling fear out of all the quests he had done in the past. She was one of the Tree Shepherds’ twelve leaders and was now transformed into a dragon. If he were to convert this data in the game, a direct beating from her wings would kill him.

But it would not be a simple case of losing a level if he died here, but real death.

Brendel’s head was never clearer.

His eyes switched to Veronica and he made his next move almost instantly. He swung Halran Gaia, and a burst of Sword Energy struck against the steel-like vines. There was no damage to it, but the youth had already made his next move. He stabbed his sword into the ground and gigantic rock pillars burst out from the ground to push out the twisting vines out of the way.

Veronica did not spare time to think and merely made her next move. She raised her sword and beams of green light radiated from it. The unleashed Sword Energy around her was like thick globs of liquid that converged together, and a green dragon of wind which was a tenth of Andesha’s size flew out with a roar, shooting towards the evil dragon with astonishing speed.

Andesha was unable to change her course because she charged towards Brendel with all her strength, and she had to watch the dragon passed through her shoulder. The chaotic Sword Energy ripped and shredded her scales.

Blood rained down.

Andesha felt tremendous pain and she tumbled down from the sky, clawing at Brendel as she crashed onto the ground as he slipped away to hide behind Veronica.

The Mistress of Withering Decay got up and she wanted to lunge at the youth, but a fearful sensation assaulted her. She glanced back to see Mephisto rushing towards her. He had already removed the dark energy caused by the lightning.

Even though Andesha was enraged with the outcome, she had no choice but to turn back to deal with Mephisto. There was no way she would allow her back to be exposed without preparing any spells, and his attacks that were infused with the Grey Element was even mightier than Veronica’s attack.

Brendel hurriedly went off to the next position to water the ground with his blood. The vegetation that he grew needed time. The effect of the plants was not exactly strong, and he estimated that he needed four patches of these corrupted brambles at different locations to disrupt Andesha’s connection with nature.

It was not an easy task as Andesha kept trying to disrupt his efforts. She continued to try and directly confront him the first few times, but Veronica and Mephisto hindered her by working together. The more blood Brendel spilled onto the ground, the slower Andesha’s spellcasting got. The battle was becoming easier and easier. Eventually, the two Sword Saints even had time to attack her.

After another few exchanges, Mephisto decided to simply stay behind Andesha’s back like a stalker and she had to stop chasing Brendel. The latter then targeted the plants that Brendel grew. Her Element Power started to make them grow even faster, but they soon withered and shrank.

“Ser Mephisto, cover the plants with your Element Power!” Brendel shouted.

The World of Ashes stopped Andesha’s attempt to ruin the plants, causing her to bellow and scream in fury, but there was nothing she could do. The long black wall was built up bit by bit.

While Brendel was starting to feel dizzy from the loss of blood, Andesha’s powers were diminishing as well. There was even once when her spell backfired and exploded in front of her face, engulfing one of her eyes. It was fortunate that she was able to shut it in time.

Both Mephisto and Veronica thought that it was unthinkable that a nameless noble from Aouine was able to drag one of the Tree Shepherds’ leaders into an abyss. Andesha’s anger had reached her peak long ago, and she finally felt a sliver of unrest. If this situation continued, there were no other paths but defeat. The gigantic dragon turned around and prepared to flee.

“Don’t let her escape!” Brendel was highly experienced in dealing with mythical monsters and immediately realized Andesha’s intention. In truth, it was actually a little too late for Andesha to flee as the corrupted plants had grown enough to fill the valley.

“My lord, watch out!” Scarlett suddenly screamed in shock, causing Brendel’s heart to squeeze with trepidation as he sensed danger.