The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 177 part 2

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I discovered a mistake by the author.

Tapping Fire Dijinn Card deals great damage to your enemies, blah blah, but it goes back to the deck and not the graveyard.

Brendel explodes Fire Dijinn on Veronica earlier and it goes into the graveyard, making this a mistake. I’ll correct it in volume 2 chapter 39 and chapter 127 to make it go into the graveyard.

Another annoying issue is the numbering of chapters. There’s Chapter 177 part 1 & 2, then Chapter 178. But all these chapters are related because the chapter names are Battle of the Canyon 1,2,3.

Also, massive rewrite in this chapter.




Chapter 177 Part 2 – Battle in the Canyon (2)


The ledge that Brendel and the others were running on eventually widened to a plateau. The gorge was located at the end of the plateau, and the youth suddenly stopped moving and shouted:

“Morpheus and I will stay behind and delay Andesha. If you don’t find a path leading downwards, then check if there’s any possible way we can climb down.”

Veronica nodded. Morpheus threw Faena down roughly and went back to his Master, receiving a set of instructions from the latter.



It did not take long for Andesha to reach where Brendel was. He stood alone with his sword drawn out, and the moment he saw the Mistress of Withering Decay, he roared:


Halran Gaia was stabbed into the ground at the same time. Countless rock pillars rose up from the ground and blocked Andesha’s vision. She immediately covered the area with her Element Power with a wave of her hand, wanting to turn Halran Gaia’s magic back into raw Mana, but to her great surprise, the rock pillars held their shape.

Black energy surged out where Brendel stood and he disappeared under the shadows of the rock pillars. Andesha snarled in frustration and started destroying the pillars with a vine whip, but they were remade quickly with Halran Gaia. She decided to ignore Brendel, intending to force the youth out by capturing his companions, but black wings suddenly fluttered in front of her, and a hand with blue flames swiped upwards at her face.

Andesha’s expression was cold and screeched with fury: “How dare you!”

Her whip moved like a poisonous snake and whipped away that offending hand, and she realized that it was a girl she had never seen before who attacked her. Brendel’s sword suddenly entered Andesha’s eyes at a startling speed, but her vines pulled her away to the sides as though she had expected the attack, while a few stray vines lashed out below the incoming sword in an attempt to strike Brendel.

The vines hit nothing but the rock pillars.

The youth had hurled his sword like a javelin, before it wobbled back to his hand like a boomerang by using the White Raven Sword Arte. Though the violent winds affected his control, it was reduced because of the rock pillars that Brendel had created.

A Wind Spirit Spider jumped down directly to reach Andesha’s head, but the latter acted as though she had eyes above her and destroyed it immediately with a swing of her whip. Brendel did not miss this opportunity and threw a rock with great timing, yet the Mistress of Withering Decay merely tilted her head to allow the projectile to fly past her.

The youth’s actions had angered her beyond words. Vines started pouring out beneath her to lift her up into the air so she could see where her enemies were, while she started pouring her mana into the ground:

“My children, ari—”

[Sacrifice non-black creature card, Wind Spirit Spiders, to the Ancestral Vampire.]

– The Wind Spirit Spiders Card has entered the Graveyard. Mana Feedback is available, please select your target.

[Is this even necessary to ask me? There’s only one real target. The Mistress of Withering Decay, Andesha!]

All the Wind Spirit Spiders suddenly disappeared, leaving behind green rays of light that repeatedly bent in strange angles as though they were reflected by mirrors and entered Andesha’s body, causing the woman to groan in pain as part of her Mana was burned. But it was an explosion of flames in front of her face that disrupted her magic spell. She flinched because she was wary of the golden flames, but she realized there was no damage that bypassed her protections.

[Summon Platinum Angel into the Battlefield! Tap Eternity Orb and copy Platinum Angel! Revive Fireclaw Chieftain and Fire Dijinn from the Graveyard and summon them into the Battlefield! Explosion! Sacrifice non-black creature card, Fire Dijinn, to Ancestral Vampire just before Explosion ends!]

Brendel had given new orders in a frenzy even before the system could prompt him.

– Three Command Points have been added to Ancestral Vampire from the Wind Spirit Spiders.
– Three Command Points have been added to Ancestral Vampire from the Fire Dijinn.

Black flames suddenly burst all over Morpheus’s body. His pale neck and hands were drawn with mysterious floral patterns.

The two Pristine Archangels, Ropar, and Morpheus rushed towards the distracted Andesha. But she swung her whip all around her skillfully, creating a defensive wall that made it impossible for them to attack her.

“My children, arise!” She screamed with great fury, attempting to cast her spell a second time.

Vines spouted from the ground like a fountain, forming into worm-like creatures that squirmed all about and knocked down the rock pillars.

There was nothing to stop them from rising up now—

[This is now or never. White Raven Sword Arte!]

Brendel had successfully caused Andesha’s fury to reach a new height. He raised Halran Gaia and a maelstrom of flames gathered around it. The air was heated till the point where Andesha’s figure was distorted in his eyes. Invisible blades of wind sliced through the summoned creatures, roaring as they reached for her, and the billowing golden flames that accompanied the wind devoured the vegetation hungrily until it was no more.

But Andesha swung her whip onto a rock pillar and got herself to safety; she was on her guard against the golden flames despite the anger filling her mind.

“Sacrifice the Platinum Angels and Fireclaw Chieftain!” Brendel said aloud.

– Six Command Points have been added to Ancestral Vampire from the Platinum Angels.
– Three Command Points have been added to Ancestral Vampire from the Fireclaw Chieftain.

Morpheus’s strength increased yet again. The blue flames on his hands turned black and covered his whole body. Brendel activated his Charge ability, moving straight for Andesha in a vertical leap, leaving behind a black trail of dark energy. Morpheus did not idle and also went for her, flying down towards her like a falling comet.

“How is this possible!” Andesha exclaimed in surprise as Morpheus reached her first in a blur.

She had assessed the girl with black wings to be a Gold-ranker, but the latter’s speed rose tremendously to the point where she took her by surprise. Cold flames broke past the Mistress of Withering Decay’s defense, causing her to realize that it was an Undead being before her.

[Soul Element Power? Is this a joke? How did this girl master her Element Power so quickly?]

The attack’s negative energy was targeted at Andesha’s legs. Morpheus had faithfully executed his Master’s instructions, causing the Mistress of Withering Decay to gasp as she felt the cold flames reaching to her core.

As one of the strongest figures on the continent, she could not remember how long it had been when she received an injury to her soul. It was the price for underestimating Morpheus.

Her whip immediately struck back with tremendous force, causing the pretty Vampire to fly into the fallen rock pillars. Rock fragments and dust showered the area. Brendel did not miss the opportunity and swung his sword at his foe, causing Andesha to panic slightly when she realized the youth was moving even faster than Morpheus. She covered her hands with vines reinforced by Mana, parrying away the dazzling array of strikes and retreating away from the youth.

Though the pain from the golden flames was still fresh in her mind, she noticed that Brendel was not using them and narrowed her eyes in contemplation.

[The flames that this boy possess are not from the Blood of Gods…… It doesn’t appear to be his Element Power as well. How did he conjure the flames? Surely it’s not possible for him to keep using them, right?]

It did not take long for Andesha to try and use her whip against Brendel in order to disarm him, while Morpheus returned to the fray and started aiming for her legs again. She was almost impressed at how well they worked together, but even so, the difference in their abilities was palpable.

Morpheus was caught by her whip, and Andesha started smashing him against the ground repeatedly, breaking his left wing and arm at a painful angle, while she positioned herself and Morpheus in a way that made it difficult for Brendel to attack her. Black blood flowed from Morpheus wounds, caused by the whip’s thorns. He even coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood.

But his eyes were resolute and he held on to the whip instead, trying to pull Andesha towards Brendel’s sword.

“Let go of my whip, you rabid bitch!” Andesha screamed as she dodged the youth’s attacks when they came near to her face, and she almost lost her footing due to the Vampire pulling back.

She suddenly jerked her whip to her, before flicking it in the opposite direction, letting go of her weapon. The sudden turn of events surprised Morpheus and he did not react in time. The addition of Andesha’s push and his own strength from pulling the whip caused him to fly up in the air like an arrow, before he dropped down into the endless gorge, disappearing before Brendel’s eyes.

[Morpheus! Damn it— Andesha’s level is just too high for us to overcome.]

Brendel gritted his teeth and cursed inwardly.

Andesha’s abilities were beyond his expectations. Her techniques in combat were quite formidable, and there were no real openings that he could exploit despite gaining an advantage in the terrain. Even with his newly gained power due to Trance and all his summons’ aid, he was unable to suppress her.

He immediately decided to retreat since he did not have Morpheus’s aid any longer, evading the conjured vines that suddenly came from nowhere and tried to take a hold of him.

The Mistress of Withering Decay clutched the wounds on her legs and watched the youth flee with seething rage. It was taking a while to remove the damage from Morpheus’s Element Power.

“Boy, you’re a summoner?” Veronica asked the youth when he came back to them.

She had seen part of his duel with Andesha from afar and saw multiple figures suddenly appearing, then to her surprise and astonishment, the youth had emerged unscathed.

Brendel nodded. There was no point in denying it and he might as well pretend to be one.

A Planeswalker was something else entirely, and who knew what would happen if he tried to hint anything about it. He did not want to have a second chain of unknown events happening, especially after the fiasco of reciting an oath that eventually led to his downfall.

“In any case, we discovered a path. It seems that we can get to the bottom of the gorge if we use it.”

Brendel nodded again. Andesha’s furious screams were getting nearer to them, causing him to frown. The Platinum Angels were his only way of retrieving cards from the graveyard, and it would mean that there were fewer cards for the battles ahead.

He glanced at his Stats Windows.

[The golden flames from the Dragon of Darkness are all used up…… But losing Morpheus is a real problem; he’s at least Level 70 by my estimation after all the sacrifices and I wanted to keep him at the very least for Valhalla. In any case, I need another plan.]

He thought for a few seconds.