The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 – The Dark Forest’s frontlines


It was dawn.

But the forest was still shrouded in darkness.

A long line of flaming torches shimmered in the bone-chilling mist that filled the forest. Different groups of Druids shuffled across the ground and broke the dead silence as they tread on the fallen tree leaves.

Someone coughed.

There was a strong stench of blood in the air that easily made one gag. The Druids in this area had organized a counter-attack, taking back part of the Wall of Flowers.

The corpses of black wolves could be seen not far away in a nearby clearing filled with dull-yellow grass. These dead creatures would shrink in a couple of days and become pure Mana Crystals.

The bodies of the dead Druids were claimed by their own and buried, directly going back to nature. It had been an intense fight throughout the night which could not be described by words. The waves of black wolves ultimately retreated, but it seemed like they were going to the north instead, the Valley of Vines.

They were slowly surrounding the Green Tower.

Still, the Druids managed to take back a small patch of forest and avoided fighting the bulk of the enemies. Many Druids believed the monsters were about to launch a new wave of attack again.

Brendel frowned when he reached this place.

Various factions had also come along. The Kirrlutz Empire, wizards from Galbu, the Holy Cathedral of Fire, and groups of adventurers.

[I thought most of these people would seek to leave the Dark Forest. It seems like I’m completely wrong. The rumors of a Divine Artifact triumphs the dangers of the creatures and the strange changes within the Loop of Trade Winds. Well, that’s fine. They are going to relieve my pressure when I enter Valhalla…… But there might be unavoidable battles before entering it.]

The wizards from Galbu were more dangerous than the people from the Kirrlutz Empire, but it seemed like they did not understand the changes of the Loop of Trade Winds. It was his greatest advantage.

[Seven long nights. The sun won’t rise again. In the game, there were at least three thousand gamers helping out against the endless waves of monsters, and now I’m the only one here. One person to repeat the events in the game….. Hmm, but I did cause the Divine Resonance half a year ago and it brought more people here. Though it’s still a question whether I can really succeed.]

Scarlett and Amandina were sitting beside Brendel. The latter seemingly stared into the darkness as he listened to Amandina’s report on the various factions’ movements, while in truth he was fiddling with his Stats Window, making a final preparation.

The Calamity of Wolves was a World Event in the game that was designed for thousands of players. It was literally impossible for him to complete it alone, but as a true gamer, he believed in his own abilities more than any outside factors.

[There isn’t much XP gained from the past month. 57000 XP. I can’t even raise my current mercenary level. But one level from this system won’t really make a difference in this quest. The Planeswalker system……]

Brendel checked his resources.

[The Silver Swallow-tailed Flag was redeemed three months ago— Now I have 2220 Wealth and 330 Reputation. I was actually trying to redeem another land card, but it seems like I need to change my plans.]

Brendel tapped the system’s icon, scrolling through the album of cards.

[Vampire Baron, Ancestral Vampire, and Night Lord.]

Even though he believed the white-colored cards were better, he simply did not have enough Plains to maintain them after summoning. These vampire cards were different. The owner of these cards merely needed to maintain them by paying with their HP.

For a spellcaster, that would be unthinkable, but it was not a problem for a Warrior class. He even had the Unyielding talent, making his recover faster by three times. He paid 400, 600, and 800 Wealth respectively for the three cards, then shuffled them into his deck.

– Vampire Baron
– (Night Shadow XI)
– Costs 10 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 28 creature]
– Feeds on blood
– When Vampire Baron is on the battlefield, all lower-class Vampires gain 1 Command Point
– Pay 2 HP every day when Vampire Baron in on the battlefield
– ‘The elegance in the darkness is a type of fatal art.’

– Ancestral Vampire
– Costs 15 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 30 Elite creature]
– Feeds on blood
– Sacrifice 1 non-black creature, Ancestral Vampire gains 3 Command Points (until Ending Phase)
– Pay 5 HP every day when Vampire Baron in on the battlefield
– ‘The lower caste often forgets they are not guests or servants, but property.’

– Night Lord
– (Night Shadow III)
– Costs 15 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 30 Elite creature]
– Feeds on Bloodline
– Pay 5 Dark EP, place a team of Black Creatures (Vampire Progeny) into the battlefield
– Pay 10 HP every day when Night Lord is on the battlefield.
– ‘Blood is dripping.’

These three cards could be seen as a combination. Even though the Vampire Baron was only an Iron-ranked creature, it could add to lower-class Vampires. The Ancestral Vampire’s strength was no weaker than Medissa, and sacrificing a non-black card could even have its strength rise up to the peak of a Gold-ranked class. It was literally his strongest card at this current point.

As for the Night Lord, its strength was somewhere in the middle of a Gold-ranked class. It could also create an endless supply of vampires which was aided by the Vampire Baron’s ability.

[It’s definitely another core combination just like the Holy Swords and the Wind Spirit Spiders. I would have seven Gold-rankers in total. That’s considerable strength in Aouine.]

He spent his remaining wealth on two more cards.

– Sea Gem
– (Visionary Artifact V)
– Costs 10 Will
– [Artifact/Magic]
– Gain 1 reputation when Sea Gem is on the battlefield.
– Gain 2 Wealth when the card is tapped.
– Sacrifice this card and choose any card in hand and place it on the battlefield.
– ‘Unstoppable temptation.’

– Grey Harbor Tax Officer
– (The Alliance of City-states XXI)
– Costs 5 Light EP
– [Human creature, level 5 Creature]
– When Grey Harbor Tax Officer is on the battlefield, gain 1 Reputation.
– If you own a city or a land card with buildings (barrier), gain 2 Wealth when this card is tapped.
– ‘Tax is the core of a city-state.’

[These two cards are now my long-term investment to regain my Wealth. The level 60 Elite Platinum Angel card is going to have to wait until later.]

Brendel then spent 325 Reputation to unseal a card.

– Graveyard Revival
– (Whispers from the Grave II)
– Costs 20 Dark EP
– [Magic Barrier]
– Summon a creature card in your graveyard and put it into play, or pick a dead creature on the battlefield and put it into play. Target creature is Black and classified as [Ghoul] while this card is attached to it.
– ‘Death is not an excuse to refuse orders.’

Brendel was certain that he would encounter a creature that would be worthwhile to reanimate it, thus he redeemed this card. Finally, he scrolled to the recent cards he obtained recently.

Kodan was instructed yesterday to wait for the Senian magician with Mana Crystals. A total of five cards were purchased for three Mana Crystals. There were three Land Cards and two Creature Cards.

The two Creature Cards were Fireclaw Buglers and Rune Summoner. The three Land Cards were Phantom Labyrinth of Water, Death Forest, and Anjou Mountains.

[The Fireclaw Buglers are Iron-rankers, but the most interesting thing about it is how they are able to boost a related card. If the Fireclaw Buglers are in play, the Fireclaw Lancer card will have twice the effectiveness. Two lancers are summoned instead of one. If I obtain more cards and build around it, the card combination would be as effective as the Holy Swords and the Wind Spirit Spiders.]

He studied the description of the Rune Summoner. It also had the same abilities as the Night Lord, with the difference that 10 MP was required, and the Rune Summoner would be able to bring in creatures equivalent to the number of Land Cards he owned. The Rune Summoner was also a weak card in the early stages, but its potential in the future was nearly unlimited.

Although there was an increase to fifteen usable cards, it also meant that the cards that he could draw to his hand would be limited.

[It’s a new problem. The cards I get every day are random. Is it possible for me to get the cards I want? It’s nearly a new day, so……]

After a few minutes, he checked the new cards he received for the day.

[Ancestral Vampire, Wind Spirit Spiders, Holy Sword, Fire Djinn, Mana Control, Fireclaw Buglers, Sprint Drive….. Should I summon them now?]

Amandina poked the inattentive Brendel who turned around. His eyes followed her fingers and saw that a group of people was walking towards them not far away.

“They are wearing uniforms from Aouine.” She whispered.