The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 120 Part 2

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Chapter 120 – The Green Tower’s market (2).


The Rock Key.

Legend stated that it opened the doors between the continent and another dimension filled with the Earth Element.

In the game, its other use was to activate a city that was built in the Wilderness. It was similar to a Fire Seed. The Fire Seed represented the Laws of Order, while the Rock Key created the fundamental Elements.

This was how Mother Marsha formed the world and gave birth to its shape. The Laws bound the Mana, while the Elements established the structure.

It was quite valuable in the game, and there were times where there simply were no stock to meet the demand. It was also a core item used in a high-level quest that involved any Earth Element powers.

For example, the Sword of Earth, Halran Gaia, had such a quest to upgrade it.

[Even if one tried searching for it, their shoes would be torn to shreds without ever catching a glimpse of it. Obtaining this item is based on ridiculous luck, not effort.]

The corner of Brendel’s eyes jolted once when he the shield-like rock piece.

“Boy, your luck is pretty good—” Orthlyss seemed to have felt Brendel’s rush of emotions and woke up from her slumber.

He nodded, but there was no change in his expression, asking: “What is this?”

“The Rock Key. Legend states that it can connect our world to another world’s tunnel—” The centaur shopkeeper replied.

Brendel interrupted him with feigned irritation: “Another world? What does that world have?”

“Erm…….” The centaur was immediately at a loss for words. He had accepted the transaction when the witch told this rumor to him. That damned old woman even took away one of the best tree gems that he had.

“I think it leads to a Plane where it’s related to the Earth Element?” He considered the terms that can be used to explain another world.

“A Plane of the Earth Element?” Brendel acted like he did not understand and his face was completely innocent: “Why would I want to go there?”

“Boy,” Orthlyss could not help but shake her head: “Your ability to bluff is as good as Eirelannt. She would be very fond of you if she were to meet you.”

“Eirelannt, you say?” Brendel asked inwardly. (TL: Okay, even I don’t remember who’s this character.)

“Yes, we…..” Orthlyss suddenly coughed and corrected herself: “Gatel, Farnezain, and Sanorso, as well as Eirelannt who was the oldest, well, they went on adventures when they were young, and it was also mostly her who was the point of contact with the Lords and merchants.”

“So you mean she’s the commander.”

“Something like that.”

While Brendel and Orthlyss were conversing with each other, the centaur seemed to be stuck in a rut. Brendel did not seem as interested as the rings presented earlier to him, and it made him a little depressed.

“If you please, Human lord, that witch had also told me that it is tremendously useful to an Elementalist.”

[That’s true. Using the Rock Key would open a path to a different world filled with the Earth Element. Just opening the tunnel for twenty seconds would allow the Elementalist’s Earth Elemental Pool to expand by a hundred times. It’s even possible to sustain twenty to thirty spells. Under the circumstances, if the Elementalist can manage their Mana, they would become a superman.]

Still, Brendel had never seen anyone use this core item that was worth millions of Tor coins as a one-time usage item in the game with his own eyes. It was a pay-to-win measure that was beyond common sense.

The centaur seemed to think that this statement was enough to make it work. Brendel secretly laughed as he observed him, and pretended to be slightly persuaded: “Is that so, then how much is this thing worth?”

The centaur considered raising it to a sky-high price and have that Flame Agate in Brendel’s handed over to him. His Flame Agate crystal was almost half the value of his entire store, but stating such a price might incur the human’s wrath and get him to leave in a huff.

Just as he was hesitating, a hand that appeared out of nowhere threw out a similar Flame Agate crystal, and reached out for the box of the Rock Key like a snake going for its prey.

“Shopkeeper, I want this.” The owner of the voice was crisp and quick.

But Brendel’s reactions were almost instantaneous, just as the hand managed to touch the box, Brendel had already invoked his Elementalist’s powers and shot out a bolt of lightning to strike the Rock Key, and he reached out for the Rock Key.

The owner of the voice was apparently not one to be taken lightly either.

“Damn it, an Elementalist!” The person scoffed lightly and drew out her sword to strike the Rock Key away.

The Rock Key smashed into a wooden pillar before it bounced back towards the two people. The woman tried to snatch it away, but the Rock Key suddenly stopped in mid-air slightly out of reach, before it flew towards Brendel like a ball of cotton swept away by a wind.

“A Wind Binding spell? An Elementalist specializing in two Elements!” The woman stomped her foot and gave up directly on snatching away the Rock Key, and thrust her sword towards Brendel.

The youth was delighted to see the attack instead of being surprised. Before she could even reach him, vines came from everywhere and bound her up tightly.

It was the Druids’ barrier magic—

A clattering sound happened. The sword of the woman who looked like a young noble dropped to the ground.

“I-It hurts…..” Her eyes narrowed in pain.

Brendel finally had the time to observe his opponent. He was slightly taken aback. She was not a Senian or Tree Elf, but a full-blooded Kirrlutz citizen.

The golden hair coupled with a pair of cold emerald eyes made him certain that they were definitely the traits of the Kirrlutz Empire’s royal blood. Surely, her ancestors were amongst the King of Fire’s first followers, the Eagle Knights.

The possible princess wore a white dress and long black leather boots, with her wavy hair bundled into two luscious groups of ponytails. She struggled against the vines and glared hatefully at Brendel.

[Wow, golden twintails! But to act violently in the Druids’ base, how bold!]

“Y-you scoundrel! How dare you steal from a lady!” The corners of her eyes were raised high enough till they became sharp as she glared at him.

“Hold on, when did this become yours?” Brendel hurriedly interrupted her.

“I, I paid, didn’t I!” The girl stuttered once, but she immediately spoke as though she was in the right: “Return it to me, you evil country bumpkin!”

Brendel glanced at the Flame Agate: “My Lady, you threw down a Flame Agate, but did you see the shopkeeper accept it? He has not even stated the price of the Rock Key. A forced transaction is certainly what a brute would do.”


The young woman was so angry that her chest was going up and down, but she could not hit him because her limbs were restrained. She turned her head back, and her green eyes immediately brightened.

“Faena, what happened?” It was a male teenager with black hair.

He wore a black robe that was unique to the Kirrlutz’s royal Alchemists, and it caused Brendel to stare blankly at the young boy who looked no older than fifteen.

Kirrlutz’s royal Alchemists had to be at least level ten in Alchemy before they could meet the qualifications to enter the ranks. There had to be some kind of line drawn for being so talented, right?

But he certainly did not expect the young boy to inspect his companion for a moment before raising his head at him with a yell: “You hurt my companion. I request for a duel with you!”

The young boy looked up at the Ancient Treants and shouted: “Venerable spirits, I promise I won’t hurt this man’s life and I just want to teach him a lesson. This is a quarrel between our race and I hope no one else interferes!”

When he was done with his words, there was a green flash in the trees’ crowns.

“The promise has been accepted.”

[Oh for crying out loud. The barrier won’t work anymore on him, though the girl is still stuck. It looks like there’s a veteran who understands the Druids here, but you’ve have got be kidding me if I have to fight him. He’s just a kid!]

But before he could respond, Scarlett had struck her lightning spear against her palm which caused an audible smack. She glared coldly at the two opponents in front of her and said: “My lord, allow me to represent you.”

“A Highlander?” The young boy was slightly surprised at Scarlett’s flaming red hair: “You’re not locals?”

“They are Aouine’s citizens!” Faena sneered at them and continued to struggle: “A bunch of rogues and thieves!”

But the more she resisted against the vines, the tighter they became.

“Urgh, it hurts so much—”

“Faena, stop moving. It’s useless to struggle and it would be undone after a while!” The young boy sighed at his companion. It seemed like the haughty noble girl was also quite troubling for him: “This is one of the Druids’ spell, Barrier of Peace. You were told not to be violent in this place!”

“It’s all because of these barbarians!” Faena said with wet eyes: “You have to teach them a lesson, Rono! The dignity of the Kirrlutz Empire cannot be blemished!”

Amandina frowned when she heard the last sentence.

Brendel secretly gritted his teeth when the words, ‘country bumpkin’, ‘knaves’, ‘scoundrels’, continued to come out from her lips. He was never very receptive to the Kirrlutz Empire in the game, and when he heard that particular sentence from Faena, it finally went past his point of tolerance.

“Well said,” His eyebrow went up and he had a chilling smile that showed his teeth, “the Kirrlutz Empire’s dignity cannot be blemished—”

The young boy looked back at Brendel and Scarlett who stood in from him, then spoke scornfully: “A man who needs to have a woman to fight for him doesn’t have the right to speak to me in that tone!”

Brendel felt a vein popping up over his forehead.

“Scarlett, step aside, I want to see how unbeatable the so-called Kirrlutz Empire is.”