The Amber Sword TL Notes 1

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So, moving on. This post will be a report on the fight scenes in the series translated so far. If you haven’t realized it yet, there are a few duels that were rewritten/extended, and I’m going to sort of explain a number of things. There will also be a translated duels from the original raws, if you’re interested to see how the original fight scenes went down.

Again, this is NON-CANON stuff which is not from the original raws. This post isn’t really checked for grammar and stuff, so things might be unclear.



1) General history of the rewrites

Back then in art school, I researched the topic of medieval swordsmanship, and I mostly looked into the German school of swordsmanship. There is a number of stances, and I generally felt that attacks or defenses mean that the user should actively switch his stances all the time, instead of sticking to just one stance.

Imagine if Opponent A attacks with an overhead strike, while Opponent B thrust his sword forward from the position of his waist, you would first block Opponent A off with an upper guard, then parry the thrust with a mid-guard. Well, at least that’s how it makes sense to me. If there’s any real duelist out there who wants to correct me, feel free to do so.

The rewriting first started in Brendel vs Ebdon (undead general). At that point of time, I was storyboarding how the fight scenes would go if I ever draw the series as a graphic novel, and I decided to change it in a way that would make it easy for me to transit if it ever happens.

As time went by, the details of the different schools of swordsmanships increased and they are based on certain descriptive keywords from the series itself.

Finally, outcomes don’t change. Everything ends up just the way how the author planned it.



2) Overview


The overall breakdown of all skillsets can be broken down into 3 traits (you can kind of think it as a multiplier to stats).

I) Power
II) Speed
III) Technique

In my mind, even if two different people learned from the same school of swordsmanship, i.e Aouine, they would go into different traits. Perhaps Person A will focus on power (Kodan), and Person B will focus on technique (Brendel’s grandfather).

The rewritten skillsets are also balanced out in a certain way, if they are ever used again.


2A) The general school of swordsmanship from Aouine


Aouine’s swordsmanship probably didn’t do very well in the game. The gamers added their own take by having strong feints implemented into the school, and the princess’s faction in the recent arc was trying to improve what they have now.

Here’s an excerpt from Volume 1 Chapter 39 –


The (Aouine) Military Swordsmanship has powerful and wild attacks. While the defensive guards are not many, they are very refined. In addition to these descriptions, the history of Aouine also plays into the rewritten notes that I have, sort of.

Aouine branches off Kirrlutz, so wouldn’t it make sense that the founder of Aouine’s Military Swordsmanship would want to counter Kirrlutz’s Military Swordsmanship? The Ancestral King Erik led his men out from Kirrlutz and they had to fend off their pursuers. How about a swordsmanship that’s kind of easy to learn and fends off Kirrlutz’s pursuers?

I don’t think that Aouine is there to start a war with Kirrlutz but just to flee from them, so the swordsmanship should be easy to learn, highly specific in certain guards (which counters Kirrlutz), and doesn’t need to be polished.

My score rating of a typical cannon fodder (bronze-rating) using Aouine’s military swordsmanship:

Power – 4/10
Speed – 2/10
Technique – 2/10

PS: You don’t add these scores up. I’m just saying that this is how I rate how strong or quick or skillful their swordsmanship is.

2B) Freya joining the princess’s camp

After learning from Brendel and going through the various battles, plus learning from the various teachers and senpais. At the time of her tournament, she was able to react to her opponent with a strong defensive guard, but she couldn’t overwhelm her opponent who had better skills and stats with her militia skillset. However, she did manage to cheat a win because she copied Brendel’s skills.

My score rating:

Power 5/10
Speed 4/10
Technique 4+3/10


2C) Carglise


His official level in the raws was approximately Level 8 Aouine Military Swordsmanship for Carglise (Through Brendel’s eyes, and at that time he’s level 16). During those few chapters where he fought against Brendel’s men, Carglise managed to fight 3 mercenary captains to a draw unscathed. After that event, when he was under house arrest he also broke Cornelius’s sword during a duel.

My score rating:

Power – 6.5/10
Speed – 4/10
Technique – 5/10


2B) Kodan


Followed Brendel’s grandfather for a certain period of time and participated in many wars. His level is in the low 50s in the original raws. It makes me roll my eyes a little, especially when he’s probably taught by at a level 120+ NPC for years.

Since I don’t think it affects things much, instead of seeing him as level 50, I made him appear a little stronger than he is in the raws, though his duel in the raws against Brendel and allies was actually short.

My score rating:

Power – 11.5/10
Speed – 7.5/10
Technique – 9.5/10


2C) Brendel’s grandfather.


The original raws where he fought against Brendel was really kind of ridiculous imo (explained later in Brendel’s section).

I ultimately ended making him much stronger than what the raws did.

Early in the series, he could not defeat his grandfather (illusion of the Golden Demonic Tree Boss). This time, Brendel gets to face him a second time, and I wrote him as the strongest opponent he had faced so far, in a way that’s Gamers vs Boss NPC.

I added things like reading his opponents, always able to defend against his opponents, etc. He’s even able to overwhelm Brendel with Power Break.

My score rating:

Power – 10/10
Speed – 9/10
Technique – 13/10



2D) Brendel – Gamers’ variation of Aouine’s swordsmanship (level 11 Swordsmanship)


It’s supposed to be some kind of add-on feints where Brendel targets his opponents’ weak points, making it tricky for his opponents to fight against him.

My score rating:

Power – 7/10
Speed – 8/10
Technique – 9/10

2E) Brendel – Kodan + his Grandfather’s variation (level 16 swordsmanship).

This isn’t supposed to be out there yet, but it will come later on. This is where the original raws show Brendel chaining powerful moves, which I perceive him adding Kodan + Grandfather techniques.

My score rating:

Power – 12/10
Speed – 10/10
Technique – 11/10



3) Brendel – King Gatel’s swordsmanship

Now, this might be confusing. The author originally threw this in out from nowhere during the 1v4 duel in the silver mines (before Orthlyss appeared).

In the raws, Brendel subconsciously used a sword move with lightning speed to fend off his four opponents twice, with Kodan going all “WTF how can he used King Gatel’s swordsmanship that was taught by the Fire Dragon Bahamut?!”

In the first place, it’s almost kind of stretching it to say why Kodan can recognize that swordsmanship. That ring happens to be the Ring of the Wind Empress. Her knights are supposed to be Elves, so why would Kodan learn anything about King Gatel’s swordsmanship? The craziest part is why the swordsmanship is actually taught by a freaking dragon and not a human.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bahamut is female and is acting like that stalker dragon loli (hur hur). Something about being best partners with that alchemist/dragon knight makes me think something is up.

Logic yo.

Orthlyss is later shown that she can use it too, lol. I felt that adding it in the 1v4 is really too much of a deus ex machina for me. Better to replace it with Kirrlutz swordsmanship in the 1v4 match instead, then add it back to Veronica’s duel, with the backstory that he learned King Gatel’s swordsmanship in his past life, and not suddenly subconsciously ‘learning’ it out from nowhere.

My score rating:

Power – 9/10
Speed – 12/10
Technique – 10/10

PS: The characteristics of the swordsmanship come from this video.



4) Brendel – Kingdom of Knights’ swordsmanship.


I can’t remember the exact name that was used. This was the swordsmanship that was used to defeat his grandfather in the 1v4 duel. Sort of.

The original raws have another case of “pretending to be cool”. After Brendel defeated Buga, Tirste, and Ebdon, his grandfather was the last one left. So what did Brendel do?

He freaking switches back to Aouine’s military swordsmanship.


Why would Orthlyss know anything about Aouine’s swordsmanship?

This is a pretty new kingdom that’s way after King Gatel’s era, and it makes no sense that the Elven knight would know anything about it. Logic?

At that time, Brendel is level 11 in Aouine’s swordsmanship, and he couldn’t defeat Kodan at that time. Then Kodan goes on to remark that he would lose to Brendel’s grandfather in just a few strokes in the raws.

Sorry, I kind of had to air out my complaints there. I chose to stick with Brendel’s KOK’s swordsmanship.

In the rewritten plot that I wrote, Brendel didn’t really find a weakness in his grandfather’s swordsmanship, and he won by brute forcing his way through (cloud’s omnislash).

This particular swordsmanship was also rewritten in detail to show why he could easily cut down his three other opponents. Acrobatics-like attacks that are unpredictable along with charging strikes that overwhelms his foes with speed and power. The gamers’ changes certainly make it more powerful, but it also suffers from being vulnerable to critical strikes. However, Brendel has so much experience with it, these fatal weaknesses can be turned into traps where he counters the counterstrikes.

My score rating:

Power – 11/10
Speed – 10/10, 13/10 (when charging at the opponent)
Technique – 11/10


5) Buga


Buga is Makarov’s right hand.

Grossly overpowered in terms of cutting strikes. There are only 2 attacks here, vertical and horizontal to form a cross-shape. He eventually reaches 100+ levels and beats up one of the Tree Shepherds (or is it the Unifying Guild?).

My score rating:

Power – 12/10
Speed – 7/10
Technique – 2/10


6) Ebdon


Formerly Aouine’s knight. Considerably skilled and has various swordsmanships, but he used Madara’s swordsmanship after he became an undead. The raws described Madara’s swordsmanship to be focused on powerful and fast, but having only a few ranged attacks (like the White Raven Sword Arte).

My score rating:

Power – 8/10
Speed – 8/10
Techniques – 4/10

7) Veronica – Kirrlutz’s swordsmanship

She hasn’t used her full combination yet in the raws. For Kirrlutz’s swordsmanship, I imagine that it’s polished, complicated and really nice to look at. Since it’s associated with King Gatel, there’s an overwhelming number of attacks.

My score rating:

Power – 11/10
Speed – 12.5/10
Technique – 11/10



PS: Inspiration:



8) Orthlyss –


Not much to say other than she has a ridiculous amount of swordsmanships available. However, it doesn’t work out that effectively with Brendel’s body (in the future chapters) since they are suited for females.

My score rating:

Power – 12/10
Speed – 12.5/10
Technique – 14.5/10

9) Tirste –

Nothing really special other than being fast.

My score rating:

Strength – 6.5/10
Speed – 8.5/10
Technique – 6/10





As a warning, the translation is shown below. Now, I have said before that I don’t like revealing the original raws because I feel they are unpolished. This might break your perception about the raws.


The original translation of Kodan vs Brendel & co:



Vol 3 Chapter 49

TL notes: I’m going to try and make it as close as possible to the original.

Kodan took a step back. It was not to show weakness, but he was surrounded by Gold-rankers. Even if it was him, he had to think of self-preservation.

The person who attacked first was Brendel—

Against a grandmaster swordsman who was famous ages ago, he did not dare to hold anything back. His beginning move was to bring out the White Raven Sword Arte with all his strength.

His common longsword shattered from top to bottom, but the wind pressure formed a visible air current that rushed across the ground towards Kodan and the soldiers beside him. The air currents emitted sharp screams and the air was pressurized to form a thin blade. Explosions rang out as the shockwaves destroyed the wooden pillars supporting the mines.

Scarlett could not help but glance at the area that was in. She was worried that it would collapse because of the impact.

If the robust wooden pillars could not withstand the shock waves, then the guards who were not even Iron-rankers would certainly not be able to. The Sword Arte traveled across the entire room and they immediately collapsed where they stood as they were split into halves.

The White Raven Sword Arte was an intermediate Sword technique, and Kodan did not dare to defend against it by force. He leaped into the air to avoid the sharpest point of the air current and reached the ceiling. He then pushed himself off it and drew out his longsword to lunge it at Brendel.

The veteran soldiers who fought over a decade on the battlefield would use the classic Aouine Military Swordsmanship, and Kodan was no different. However, Brendel was all too familiar with it and hurriedly stepped towards the side, but Scarlett was already there with her halberd raised to parry against it.

A clanging sound happened as she defended against it.

“A fledging Gold-ranker,” Kodan discerned her abilities at the first exchange, “get lost!”

This old man immediately roared angrily and pushed his sword down. Scarlett instantly widened her eyes with surprise, and she retreated seven steps before she could stop.

But Kodan was just as surprised. He thought he would at least force her to the other side of the mining area, but she stopped with only such a small distance. It was apparent that he also did not expect that Scarlett had superior physical qualities as a God Acolyte.

And once the old man landed, he immediately attacked the retreating Brendel. His goal was very clear, he wanted to break through the siege—

But how could Brendel let him have his wish, even though his sword was already broken, he was already prepared. He drew out another sword at once. Kodan then noticed the reason why this youth prepared so many longswords, but a Gold-ranked swordsman actually did not have a sword that did not suit him, this was truly an incredible joke.

The old man chortled and took a step forward, his longsword swinging down like a mace at Brendel. It was not particularly polished and was just a simple swing from the basics of the Aouine Military Swordsmanship, but in the hands of the old swordsman, there was a sense where it could split heaven and earth asunder, and there was a pressure as though a mountain was about to drop down.

[Holy shit!]

Brendel felt right away that he had misjudged a little. Conrad or Viscount Tirste, and the Gold-ranked swordsmen that he had seen before, none of them could compare with this old knight. Even Buga back then did not give him as much pressure when compared to Kodan.

Actually, Brendel was also clear about the reason. Buga was a swordsman, while Kodan was a military man. That indomitable air and swordsmanship only appeared on one other person that he had seen in this world.

The Pale Knight, Ebdon.

Besides the Acolyte of Earth, Ebdon was the one who gave him the most trouble, even though the undead knight was just a Silver-ranked swordsman at that time. Certainly, Brendel had poor stats back then, but there were no other Silver-rankers who would be capable of doing so.

Aouine Military Swordsmanship had wild and powerful strikes, bringing along a strong killing intent and pressure. Kodan did not seem like he was swinging a sword but throwing down a wall which made one feel like it could not be avoided and that it seemed like it was doomsday.

Ebdon’s swordsmanship was quite remarkable as it was, and as a veteran who experienced wars for decades, Kodan was even more impressive than the former. The moment he moved his sword, even Brendel who had experienced countless duels felt his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

But a veteran was a veteran, Brendel avoided to the sides at the crucial moment as he gritted his teeth. Kodan’s longsword missed its target and stopped in mid-air, but the pressure from it struck down like a whip and caused a loud explosion. A deep scar appeared across the ground instantly.

The entire place seemed to shake.

Brendel felt his hair stand. He thought for the first time that it was not a wise decision to fight with him here, and the mines did not seem like it was capable to let them fight it out.

But the old man did not seem like he cared. He was a little surprised at Brendel being capable of avoiding his sword, and his grey eyebrows lifted slightly. Although he was surprised, his hands were not slow at all, and he immediately slashed horizontally at Brendel!

He wanted to force Brendel to the sides.

During this short moment, Scarlett had just stabilized herself. Even though he saw that Medissa had already rushed in, she was still a step behind. Kodan’s sword was right before him, but he could not retreat from it.

But Brendel was also mad, if a tiger did not get angry, was the old man going to treat him like a sick cat! (TL: Chinese adage.)

He activated the Charge technique and disappeared in front of Kodan’s vision in an instant, and when he reappeared, he had already avoided his opponent’s sword. The youth used his own sword to thrust into Kodan’s throat.

[His speed is really fast!]

The old swordsman immediately recognized as the technique of the Sun Knight. He blocked it with by flipping his hand over, and once their swords met, he realized that Brendel also used Aouine Military Swordsmanship. They were going to find out who had the upper hand.

Kodan was suddenly a little excited, but he saw that Brendel took back a step while his sword pointed a little to the sideways. A glint appeared in the old man’s eyes.

[This isn’t Aouine Military Swordsmanship!]

He took back a step and deflected Medissa’s lance that came towards him. But he did not make his next move and instead shouted with a low and calm voice:


But at that moment, the mines started shaking and everyone’s actions stopped!

———— End ————

TL: Right. This is the original raws’ text. It was looking like it was going to be pretty nice, then it ended abruptly. I mean leaving all the plot holes aside, this is just the biggest anti-climax that happened in the story up to that point, not to mention some weird text.

Brendel was using Aouine Military Swordsmanship! Then Brendel was not using Aouine Military Swordsmanship? Erm, what? No explanation was given. Why did Kodan stop fighting anyways? He sensed the mine was going to collapse? But why couldn’t he sense that he was walking into a trap?


Back then I asked you guys what aspect you wanted to see most. I certainly I hope that this report fulfills the 10.91% voters who wanted to see the original raws in all its glory. This original raws choice also beats out fixing plot holes, character consistency, and Action scenes. In fact, it scored number 3 out of 7 choices. Number 1, which was 46.09%, was leaving it to me, and it’s why I’m writing up a report on rewriting duels (number 6, a mere 7.25%).

I’m honestly shocked at how rewriting action scenes scored the lowest (Number 7 was “I don’t know”). Does that mean I was writing up lousy duels? Haha. I’m still kind of rewriting action scenes, but I kind of wonder if I should stop that. I pretty much resolved the issue of sudden swordsmanships appearing anyways.

In any case, I’m going to post 2 more original duels from the raws later this month or next month, Brendel’s 1v4 in the silver mines, and Brendel vs Veronica.