Testing 123 (not a chapter update), issue probably resolved?

This is a test page. I’m not entirely sure about the dreamhost’s wisdom but they did resolve my problem, I think. They actually pointed me to cloudflare’s support page and asked me to email them with the issue, hmm. Please comment if you’re being affected with 522 connection errors.

I was pushed for upgrading pretty hard lol. I probably pushed the limits for their hosting?

Also, as an update, I’m still reading ahead, currently 150+ chapters ahead, still finding the section that I need. Another 7-800 to go?

Edit: I have found the portion that I probably need. I will resume translating/editing after sleeping it off.


Thanks to Ammanthedead for saying that it’s a cloudflare to dreamhost issue. Issue was circumvented with VPN, and then the dreamhost support told me to change my hosts file so that I can skip cloudflare and go straight to my website.