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Cardinals, Major Archbishops, Archbishops
派达尔松 – Patalone
胡德 – Hudd
让德内尔二儿子 – Andrei
Delasityle 达拉斯泰尔


Duke of Flowers


Before everything started.

Mother Marsha created the world, and dropped her tear in the darkness. This was the described as the first light that illuminated the world.

This was also when the laws of the world started, and the eternal struggle between Chaos and Order.

The Twilight Dragon was born during this time…

Birth of Chaos

And it (gender?) wanted to bring the world into Chaos.

The ancient king(s?) stood their ground in different lands that Marsha left behind and began their long struggle against the Chaos.

The Era of Darkness

The youthful knights along with the venerated soldiers (great renowned ancestors?) stood out from the protection from the kings, defeated the Twilight Dragon, also known as “The Final Cataclysm”, and marked the…

Era of Chaos.

– Fire Claw Lord
– The Flame Tribe I
– Costs 20 Fire EP
– Fire Lizardmen Warriors, Level 33 Elite
– Battle-thirsty
– When Fire Claw Lord enters the battlefield, all Fire Claw members gain +1 Command
– Pay 1 Fire EP, all Fire Claw Spearmen gains the ability ‘Charge’
– Pay 1 Wealth and 1 Reputation per day when Fire Claw Lord is on the battlefield.
– ‘The Fire Claw Lord is the best commander amongst the Army of Hellfire.’

– Dwarven Treasure Vault
– (Visionary Artifact III)
– Costs 30 Will
– Artifact/Illusionary World
– Target a creature card (Dwarf or Kirrlutz Human). Target gains three appropriate equipment from Dwarven Treasure Vault
– ‘The Dwarven Treasure Vault glitters with golden light.’

– Halran Gaia
– Gold-ranked rarity (Fantasy)
– 34-42 (Bludgeoning/Slashing)
– +22 Strength, +17 Agility, +20 Phsyique
– Additional skillsets:
– Earthquake: The wielder is able to automatically release an Earth Spike to their target (Affected by user’s Strength stats.)
– Elemental Lord: The wielder is able to summon 6 Obsidian Panthers to battle.
– Nest of Rocks: Pay X Grey Crystal and X Rock Panther will be generated. One Rock Panther will be generated per day (10/300, automatic generation if crystals are paid.).

– Nest Upgrading is available to Obsidian Panthers:
– 1 x Black Mana Crystal,
– 1 x Rock Key,
– 1 x Sage Slate,
– 6 x Amber Gemstones

万象森罗 – Dwarven Treasure Vault
Felaern – 芙罗
罗帕尔 – Ropar
梅里亚 – Merial
德拉之野 – Delar Wilderness

火巨灵 – Fire Djinn
Dia – 蒂雅

夜行者 – Hunters of the Night
Nalaethar -那美尼斯
尤塔 – Jana
尤拉 – Yula

Unicorn Knight

(Eversong I)

Darkness 15

[Heroic spirit/Knight, Level 35 Elite]

Pay 15 Darkness EP and places the Unicorn Knight, ‘Medissa Lunette’, into play.

Maintenance: When ‘Medissa Lunette’ is in play, pay 1 Darkness EP, 6 Wealth every day.

‘The flag of the Elves are raised proudly, with her heart and sword shining brightly in darkness.’

Benninger – ?格?
Firburh (Fir – Burh old english for city) – 冷杉城
克伦希亚 – Cornelis (Roman name derived from Cornu- horn)
希亚 – Siaa

尼玫希丝 尼玫西丝
白银天蛇 – Platinum Sky Serpent
弦魔 – Chord Magic
塔吉卜 – Tagiv
熊地精 – Earth Spirit Bears

生命圣树 生命树 – Tree of Life
羊首 – Baphomet
火地战团 – Firebrand
玫瑰与酒 – Rosewine
弗恩 – Raban (Raven, germanic name)

格鲁丁 – Graudin
千?一? – Seismic Blast
盖尔 – Gail

圣堂骑士 – Holy Knight/Templar/Paladin
圣堂 – Sacred Church of Light

教会骑士 – Templar Knight

?之? – Vortex Strike

正面突破 – Frontal Assault

Some of the venerated soldiers’ (ancestors) Golden Bloodlines had The Great Fool, The Dragon of Darkness’s blood in them. The Golden Bloodlines probably meant some saiyan powers or they got blessed by something, *laughs*.

The Great Fool, The Dragon of Darkness, and the Miirna race set out to dominate the world and started eliminating other citizens with the Golden Bloodlines.

哈拉斯格 Dragon of Hararth

The races with the Golden Bloodlines formed a Holy Alliance and started to resist them.

The four sages, King of Fire, Gatel, Wind Empress Osorno, The High Priest Enzian, Saint Eireann got the recognition of the ancient kings and took out four Godly Artifacts in order to defeat the Dragon of Darkness.

信风之环 – Loop of Trade Winds
炎之刃 – Blade of Flame
枯木议会 – Blackthorn
熊怪 – Furbolg
兽灵之环 – Circle of Beasts

The four treasures

Staff of Fire, The Hydra Ring, The Divine Symbol – Oranthor, The holy Spear – Ascalon

庭亚尔夫海姆 – Ljosalfheim

Divine Pantheon of Wind, or the Sacred Church of Light, Hallowed Temple of Earth

?者石板 – Sage Slate
王立?士学院 – Royal Cavalry Academy
They successfully defeated The Twilight Dragon (And ended up sealing the Golden Bloodline)

奥德菲斯 (fire sword flames blade) – Dyrnwyn
奥拉弥索尔 Gríðarvölr : Oarvolr
火焰权杖 – Authority of flames
The Dragon ended up saying something “From the darkness shall the non-mortal arise, and the blessed humans, will fade within the flames”.

Part of the Twilight Dragon’s factions remained and self-named themselves to various lulz names to prepare for the dragon’s revival.

Formation of Madara with tons of undead/thieves/etc

埃瓦里安 – Varian
天启者 – Blessed
Glossary (Unorganized.)
托布斯 达鲁斯 卡迪洛索 – Grandfather 达鲁斯 Darius Torbus, Sophie/Brendel Cadirosso – Sophie is the protagonist. He takes over Brendel’s body after the real Brendel died.
Romaine – Merchant lass who lives in Bucce, opposite of Brendel’s house.

奥塔莱丝 – Orthlyss
奇迹术 – Astral Miracle
Freya Elisson 芙雷娅 艾丽西亚 – Bucce’s militia squad leader. Has a ponytail. Future war goddess.
Little Fenix – Young kid who’s pretty good with a sword.
Mackie – One of the militia. Can somewhat bandage.
Irene – One of the militia. Best sword user in the militia along with Freya.
Captain Marden – Some old veteran captain of Bucce’s formal army.
利伍兹 – Lockwood
因斯塔龙 Incirsta – nickname ‘Black Lord’
圣奥尔索 – Sanorso

迪鲁特 – Delutte
塞尼? – Senia

冬琴之月 1 魅力
春晓之月 2 记忆
复苏之月 3 精神
雷鸣之月 4 意志
朔花之月 5 敏捷
夏胧之月 6 通灵
书卷之月 7 逻辑
流火之月 8 力量
丰收之月 9 体质
秋暮之月 10 魔力
霜降之月 11 智力
沉眠之月 12 天赋


克莱尔 – Calina

魔法之月 – Demonic Moon
Viridien – 绿村
瓦尔哈拉 – Valhalla
卡兰加 – Karanjar’s mountainous region
罗斯科 – Rothko
Wesker, Ebdon, Kabias – Henchmen.
泰斯特 – Tirste
曼莱茵 – Rheinische
芙妮雅 – Sifrid (Norse: Goddess associated with Earth, Frid beautiful woman)
艾尔曼 – Elman
?? – Ulf (Wolf)
?沙 – Jora (female version of jofurr)
哈?? – Havel
爵士 贝宁格 – Ser Benninger
哈?? – Hasel
哈泽尔 – Hazell
灵俑 – Zombie outlander
黑武士 – Dark Warriors
青灰 – Alistair
玛格达尔 / 蒂妮 – Magadal Princess Nun
第三百一十三幕 不定的命运(六)
暗耀 – Coruscating Darkness
??斯 – Marth
Iamas – 白.缇亚马斯.裘月 The Black Knight, the Scales of Justice
??威? – Marnowell
麦格斯克 – Megeska
泰斯特 – Tirste
Gatel – King of Fire
青之苍穹 – The Azure skies

法伊娜 – Faena
罗诺 – Rono
卡伦兹 – Cullens
托奎宁 – Toquinin

维埃尔 – Vieiro
塔?- Tamar

卡若度荒原 – Karudu’s Wilderness
风暴之巢 – Nest of Storms
余烬火山 – Ashen Volcano

马维卡尔特 – Mavekart
页岩长弓 – Shale Longbow
岩石兵团项链 – Rock Mercenaries’ Pendant
焰之星 – Star of Flames
巴巴塔尔 – Barborda
府库尔克 – Folcrose
??科 – Cruke
梅萨特- Mesut
瑟里兰 – Serylen
魔力之源宝珠 – Tear of the Goddess
三百八十年(金星之年) – Year of the golden star
炎之圣殿 – Holy Cathedral of Fire
Crimson Blessing
Aouine – A Kingdom. Our protagonist wants to protect this kingdom.
Madara – An undead kingdom with undead.
要素共鸣 – Element Resonance
雷神卡拜 – Cabal
启示者 – Blessed
杰尔特 – Alistair
?力量 – (Tier) Power Rating
卢恩 – Rhun
天选者 – Chosen
逻各斯 – Roglas
古雷凯斯 – Gory Keyes
德尔德塔尔 – Delttal
?德? – Juddelan
Grinoires 戈兰埃尔森 – Some plains in the mountainous region or something.
西? – Shia
布雷森 – Bennett
博?? – Brynjar (Warrior in armor)
?莉- Sassa
克里夫 – Klarr

灰剑圣 Sword Saint of Ashes 梅菲斯特 – Mephisto

“I swear upon this sword and stay true to this oath! I will lead my citizens away from wars and killings, to distance ourselves from the empire’s nobles’ arrogance and greed; I will never repeat the mistakes of the empire’s bloody history. I will ensure that the nobles will be faithful to the knights’ code of being fair and disciplined, brave and unflinching, generous and benevolent. I will enforce this oath to the end of my life!”

?尼? – Darnian
敏尔 – Miirna
Lord Samuel Macsen and Lord Palas 敏泰爵士 帕拉斯爵士
卡格利斯 – Carglise
巴斯托 – Basett
奥索尔 – Osor
沙夫伦德 – Schafflund
雅尼拉苏 – Aniras
弗拉达 – Vlada
敏思堡 – Fortress Minst
法恩赞 – Farnezain
Eirelannt 艾尔兰塔

The King of Flames, Gatel.
The Grand Priest, Farnezain.

Loptr 洛基

火焰权杖 – Firestorm staff
The Empress of Wind, Osorno.
The Paragon Apostle, Eirelannt.
里登堡 Fortress Riedon – Some fortress in Grinoires
Bucce – The village in the mountainous region. I think it’s considered to be within the Grinoires
布加 – Buga
让德内尔 – Randner
Matthiola – 紫??


巴力 丹戴恩 – Barre Deorwine, region 紫罗兰 –
格里斯 – Gris
托尔 – Tol
冲突光环 – Collision Aura
?堂?士 – Templar Knight
克?? Kirrlutz – Some region. Seems to be a cold place. Probably in the north.
黄昏之? Mirrna – Some demonic race that worshipped the Twilight Dragon as servants.
布拉格斯 Bruglas – Capital. I think.
贝勒多 – Beldor
王吉?特 – Gatel (King of Flames)
艾拉拉 – Airra
安克? – Anchorite
埃伯? – Ebdon
库兰 – Kodan
奥金斯 – Perkins
??德 – Verand
奥古斯特 – Augusta
格里塔 – Tabhita
梵米尔- Vermiere
布?松 – Bunoxone
伊? – Elaine
沃恩德 – Vaunte
乔根底冈 – Jurgen Underworld
穴居人 – Subterrane Dwellers
永恒置球 – Eternity Orb
兰托尼兰 奥菲利亚 Lantonrand Ophelon
哈拉斯格 – Hararth
哈伯托 – Bantry
托尼格尔 – Trentheim (trent – River, heim – home)
敏泰 Macsen
利伍兹 哈德维拉 格默尔? – Fleetwood Deverra Gemmer
双月共耀,国王长眠于谷地之中,冬青树影指向西北,繁星渐隐,晨曦降下权柄 -The king slumbers within the valley when the twin moons can be seen. The evergreen winter tree’s shadow points to the northwest where gathered stars fade away as the dawn lowers her authority

埃克 – Erik
德?拉 – Drora

William Pestle -威廉 匹斯特
安培瑟尔 – Ampere Seale
都门斯特罗斯 – Monsteras
西法赫 – Cifahd
图拉曼 – Tulman
墨德菲斯 – Morpheus
天空之环 – Circle of Skies
萨瑟兰 – Sutherland
安卡拉穆 – Ankaram
奎尼尔 – Quinn
华德 – Wydall
蔷花之墙 – Wall of Flowers
雄狼 – Worgs
杰诺斯 – Janos
罗兰 – Roland
深入分析 – Evaluation

海浪宝石 – Ocean Gem
白银燕尾旗 – Silver Swallow-tailed Flag


埃希斯 – Hati

– Vampire Baron
– (Night Shadow XI)
– 10 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 28 creature]
– Feeds on blood
– When Vampire Baron is on the battlefield, all lower-class Vampires gain 1 Command Point
– Pay 2 HP every day when Vampire Baron in on the battlefield
– ‘The elegance in the darkness is a type of fatal art.’

– Ancestral Vampire
– 15 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 30 Elite creature]
– Feeds on blood
– Sacrifice 1 non-black creature, Ancestral Vampire gains 3 Command Points (until Ending Phase)
– Pay 5 HP every day when Ancestral Vampire in on the battlefield
– ‘The lower caste often forgets they are not guests or servants, but property.’

– Night Lord
– (Night Shadow III)
– 15 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 30 Elite creature]
– Feeds on Bloodline
– Pay 5 Dark EP, place a team of Black Creatures (Vampire Progeny) into the battlefield
– Pay 10 HP every day when Night Lord is on the battlefield.
– ‘Blood is dripping.’






















卡奈奇 – Kanogi
卡兰加 – Karanjar
奥德姆 – Odum
Camlu – 卡穆鲁
迦龙基 – Deronhi
布拉曼陀 – Brumand
黑刃军团 – Black bladed army
戈裴尔 – Goebells
?白?手 – The white knight
十字军侩子 – Crusader Executioner
黑暗幕布 – Shadow Shroud
迪仁 – Direndall
雷帝欧斯 – Ladios
黑魔法 Black Magic – Dark shaman, shadow, unnatural spells attack attack the mind and body, affective by negative emotions from the enemy.
元素 Element –

– Bitter Ordeal

– The Wolf’s Den II
– Earth 10
– Event/Search
– Target summoned Creature receives 250,000 XP.
– ‘To a Lornian, the Wolf Den’s altar was more of a safe harbor for the souls.’

– State which Creature to bind to.

– Pristine Archangel
– (The Immortal Alliance III)
– Costs 5 Light Element Points
– [Angel creature/Knight, level 20 Elite]
– When Pristine Angel enters the battlefield, shuffle one non-black Card from the Graveyard into your Deck.
– Pay 1 Light Element Point every day when Pristine Archangel is in the field.
– ‘The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.’

– Eternity orb
– (Visionary Artifact IX)
– Costs 10 Will, 10 Mana Points
– Artifact/Fantasy-ranked rarity
– Pay 5 Will and Tap the card. Choose a Card that has entered the field and copy it.
– The Eternity Globe can only copy one card in the battlefield when it is used.

能量流失- Magic Control

Wind Spider Spirits.

8 HP
4 MP
Str: 1.9 OZ
Agility: 2.7 OZ
Physique: 1.0 OZ

Attributes ‘Blank’
Attributes ‘Blank’
Attributes ‘Blank’

Attack (damage 1-1)
Special ability: Ethereal form
巴?塔 – Baltha

克瓦纳 – Kvaern
石板 – Nature Slate
狮心剑 Lionheart
白狮铠甲 – White Lion Armor

November War – Some war that took place in the past
War of the Black Rose – The current war that the protagonist is partaking in. Currently in the first war from Chapter 1 onwards.
阿洛兹 – Rauze
芙罗法 – Phoral

That dreaded MC character stats that I cannot remember what assigned name I gave. (What is grappling technique, barf.)

Strength 1.1, Agility 2.0 , Physique 1.0 Intelligence 1.1, Will 1.3, Perception 1.0

Overall power rating 3.5, Element (Sealed)

Brendel, Male Human, Level 1 (Strength type body: Physical, Close combat; Talent: Unyielding)

XP: 4 (Commoner level 1 ———, Civilian Soldier level 2, 6/10)

Health (Weakened, dying): 10% (Bandaged status, 1 HP will be recovered every day)

Skills (Empty slot skill 1 XP)

Commoner [Basic knowledge (Level 1), Geography Knowledge (Level 0), Local knowledge (Level 1)]

Civilian Soldier [Military Swordsplay (Level 1), Grappling techniques (Level 1), Tactical Theory (Level 0), Military Organization (Level 0)]

2.5 > 3.5 Strength
2.3 > 2.9 Agility
2.4 > 3.2 Physique

Mercenary Level 4 (0.3 Strength, 0.2 Physique, 0.2 Agility, 0.1 Perception)
Mercenary Level 5 (0.3 Strength, 0.3 Physique, 0.2 Agility, 0.1 Willpower)
Mercenary Level 6 (0.4 Strength, 0.3 Physique, 0.2 Agility, 0.2 Perception)

Mercenary Skill – Power Break

技能经验 – TP


– Pristine Archangel
– (The Immortal Alliance III)
– Light Element Points 50
– [Angel creature/Knight, level 20 Elite]
– When Pristine Angel enters the battlefield, shuffle one non-black Card from the Graveyard into your deck.
– Pay 1 Light EP every day when Pristine Archangel is in the field.
– ‘The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.’

试炼 – Bitter Ordeal

洛尼亚人) – Lornian(s)

– Balm of Life
– (The Immortal Alliance X)
– Requirements: Light Element Points 10, Mana Points 50
– [Divine Equipment/Wondrous Artifact]
– Tap card and pay 5 Light EP. Restore half of your life points and shuffle Balm of Life and your graveyard into your deck.
– ‘The life stored in this bottle doesn’t suit my taste, neither does it taste fresh, but at least the effect is there.’ – Baron Cinder
– Conditions: Pay 2000 Wealth to unseal this card.
桑夫德 – Sanford

马卡罗 – Makarov

– 1400 Reputation

Words immediately popped up, and he focused on the card to get a better look.
– Platinum Angel
– (The Immortal Alliance XIX)
– Requirements: Willpower 40, Mana Points 50
– When Platinum Angel is on the battlefield, the Summoner will not die from injuries.
– Maintanenace: When Platinum Angel is in the battlefield, pay 10 Willpower, 10 Gems every day.
– ‘The secret of immortality is buried in the Angel’s heart.’
– Conditions: Pay 1400 Reputation to unseal this card.

力量爆发不能与穿刺攻击同时,正面突破也因为同样的理由被排除 – Frontal Assault + Power Break doesn’t work with Spiral Strike

1.0 stats in strength (1 EN?) – supposedly 50 KG or something. I think I wrote about this somewhere… That Ring of the Wind Empress probably shoots 1000 KG worth of wind bullet strength since it has 20 EN.
普拉 – Pola
奎因纳尔 – Kaelnir

利刃骑士 – Knight of Keen Blades
冲? – Charge
白鸦剑术,埃鲁因的宫廷? ‘The White Raven Sword Rave’, Aouine’s Royal Court’s sword arte.
安森 – Ansen
巴洛冈圣格尔莱斯 – Baern Shyrltaesi
斯廷冈 / ?斯廷 – Gunston
伯恩利 – Burnley
??坦 – Magitan
夏布利 – Chablis
爵士 – Sir/knight
塞伯尔 – Esebar
信风议会 – House of Aerial Lords
魔力之月 – The Lunar Mana
安德鲁 – Andellu
科尔科瓦 – Corvado
妖精之乡 – Homeland of the Fairies
圣者之战 – War of the Holy Saints
圣银谷 – Silver Holy Valley

哈兰格亚 – Halran Gaia
艾格文森 – Aegwynn
德拉格斯 – Dragos
?金 – Earl Nakkin
奥伯古 – Oberg
哈默? – Hammil
???多 – Calancadr
卡兰加 – Karanjar
?爵 – Lord
西法赫 – Seifer
格里菲因 – Gryphine Corvado Ordelis
亡月内海 – Diesluna Inland Sea

魔导 – Exploding Crystals / Magicite?
格?森 – Granzon
繁花与夏叶 – Year of bustling summer leaves and flowers
卡拉苏 – Karsuk
卡地雷哥 – Kadireig
安列克 – Arreck
巴托姆 – Batum
琴之月 – ‘Month of Winter chords.’
玛塔塔尼亚 – Matteya
The Slumbering Darkness – 黑暗沉眠
存在性的力量 – Existent force
全职业制霸 – All Supreme Profession Dominance
Earth/Water Highland Squire
卢比斯的雇佣兵 – Mercenaries of Lopes
罗夏尔 – Loxar’s market


– Fire Claw Spearmen
– (The Flame Tribe II)
– Costs 15 Fire EP
– Fire Lizardmen Warriors, level 27 Creatures
– Place a company of battle-thirsty Fire Claw Spearmen into the battlefield.
– Pay 5 Wealth/day when Fire Claw Spearmen is on the battlefield
– ‘There is the smell of enemies amidst the flames.’









Pay 2 reputation, tap card, gain 6 Wealth. Creates 2 Wealth, 1 Earth per day,
若根沼泽 – Rougen’s Swamp
Creates 1 Dark EP per day, tap, Creates 1 Dark EP.

格拉哈尔 – Graham’s mountain
Eke 艾柯
?气 – Sword aura
巴克斯,伏塔? -Bacchus, Taron
詹? – Jennie
玛古斯- Medes
欧弗韦尔 – Oberbeck
罗伯伦 – Dolant
埃弗顿 – Everton
格默尔 – Gammel
克卢格 – Kluge
哈鲁泽 – Haruze
桑格尼 – Sangany
尼?西? 尼玫希丝 – Maynild
米勒 – Ida
牧树人 – Tree Shepherd
马赫尔 – Maher
银百合 – Silver Lily

Author’s notes on magic items

Iron-ranked label is termed as [Alchemy item], the weakest class of magic item.

Bronze-ranked [Minor light], low class magic item.

Brass-ranked 黄铜 [Magic], is considered as a true Magic Class item. I.E, Brendel’s Ring of the Wind Empress, Freya’s Flame Ring, with the typical ability of launching magic.

Silver-ranked (Legendary), items that are rarely found. An example would be Brendel’s Thorn of Light, and it was able to change the power ratio to a certain level, like how Brendel easily defeated undead that was above his natural level.

Gold-ranked items (Fantasy). Items that can only be found in myths or bard’s songs. There are very few people who own them.

Dark Gold-ranked items (Godly). There are only a few core members in big guilds in the game that managed to get them, and seen as a representation of their status.

魔法黑水晶,石之钥匙,贤者石板,琥珀原石x6 – Black Mana Crystal, Rock Key, Sage Slate, Amber Gemstones
As for ultimate unique items, like the Mercury Staff (TL: probably owned Madara’s undead boss), Lament of the Wind Empress (ring), or the holy dragon spear Gungnir.

柏鲁 Bosley

XXX-ranked rating

首先,沃恩德世界的等阶制度直观点来看就是: ———————————————–

极之境界 –

云中之墙 – Wall of Clouds
凋零领主 Mistress of Withering Decay

青铜躯体 –
———————————————– 论点:
“卢比斯雇佣兵提升十五级就是三十级,已经进入了即将突破白银中游的阶段” 这里雇佣兵中的精英,卢比斯雇佣兵其等阶实力于普通等级上加5计算。正是30+5级的白银中游。








Mercenaries of Lopes

(The Alliance of City-states XI)

Wind 8/Mana 14

[Creature – Human/Mercenaries, Level 15 Creature]

Place a group of 12 Lopes Mercenaries into the field.

Maintainence: Pay 2 Wealth every day when the mercenaries are in the field.

‘Ever since the First Age, 172 years, the Mercenaries of Lopes are renowned for their bravery, skill in and loyalty in battles.’
学者 – Scholar
圣剑’,‘金辉战旗’以及‘白银马驹’ ‘Holy Sword’, ‘Golden Battle Flag’ and ‘Silver Colt’.

‘白阳之刃’,‘并驾冲刺’ 富庶的金? Sun Blade’, ‘Sprint Drive

圣树秘地’Garden of the Holy Tree
Creates 1 Water EP per day

Rich Gold Mine

(Alliance of the city-states VII)

Earth 2

[Resource mine/Wealth]

Place Rich Gold Mine on an (untapped) Land Card and receive 4 Wealth/day.

‘Gold within rocks.’

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– Lord of Nests
– 2 Nests have been obtained
– Nest of Shadows (Tier 1), Nest of Rocks (Tier 1)

– Vampire Baron
– (Night Shadow XI)
– Costs 10 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 28 creature]
– Feeds on blood
– When Vampire Baron is on the battlefield, all lower-class Vampires gain 1 Command Point
– Pay 2 HP every day when Vampire Baron in on the battlefield
– ‘The elegance in the darkness is a type of fatal art.’

– Ancestral Vampire
– Costs 15 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 30 Elite creature]
– Feeds on blood
– Sacrifice 1 non-black creature, Ancestral Vampire gains 3 Command Points (until Ending Phase)
– Pay 5 HP every day when Vampire Baron in on the battlefield
– ‘The lower caste often forgets they are not guests or servants, but property.’

– Night Lord
– (Night Shadow III)
– Costs 15 Dark EP
– [Undead Creature/Vampire, level 30 Elite creature]
– Feeds on Bloodline
– Pay 5 Dark EP, place a team of Black Creatures (Vampire Progeny) into the battlefield
– Pay 10 HP every day when Night Lord is on the battlefield.
– ‘Blood is dripping.’

These three cards could be seen as a series. Even though the Vampire Baron was only an Iron-ranked creature, it could add to lower-class Vampires. The Ancestral Vampire’s strength was no weaker than Medissa, and sacrificing a non-black card could even have its strength rise up to the peak of a Gold-ranked class. It could be seen as his strongest card at this current point.

As for the Night Lord, it was somewhere in the middle of a Gold-ranked class. It could create an endless supply of vampires which was aided with the Vampire Baron’s ability.

[It’s another core combination just like the Holy Swords and the Wind Spirit Spiders. I would have seven Gold-rankers in total. That’s considerable strength in Aouine.]

He spent his remaining wealth on two more cards.

– Sea Gem
– (Visionary Artifact V)
– Costs 10 Will
– [Artifact/Magic]
– Gain 1 reputation when Sea Gem is on the battlefield.
– Gain 2 Wealth when the card is tapped.
– Sacrifice this card and choose any card in hand and place it onto the battlefield.
– ‘Unstoppable temptation.’

– Grey Harbor Tax Officer
– (The Alliance of City-states XXI)
– Costs 5 Light EP
– [Human creature, level 5 Creature]
– When Grey Harbor Tax Officer is on the battlefield, gain 1 Reputation.
– If you own a city or a land card with buildings (barrier), gain 2 Wealth when this card is tapped.
– ‘Tax is the core of a city-state.’

[These two cards are a long-term investment to regain the Wealth usage. I originally planned to redeem another land card which could provide the cost for the level 60 Elite Platinum Angel card. Oh well, this should work out in the end.]

Brendel then spent 325 Reputation to unseal a card.

– Graveyard Revival
– (Whispers from the Grave II)
– Costs 20 Dark EP
– [Magic Barrier]
– Summon a dead creature or creature card in your graveyard and put it into play. Target creature is Black and classified as [Ghoul] while this card is attached to it.
– ‘Death is not an excuse to refuse orders.’

Brendel was certain that he would encounter a creature that would be worthwhile to reanimate it, thus he redeemed this card. Finally, he scrolled to the recent cards he obtained recently.

Kodan was instructed yesterday to wait for the Senian magician with Mana Crystals. A total of five cards were purchased for three Mana Csytals. There were three Land Cards and two Creature Cards.

The two Creature Cards were Fireclaw Buglers,